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Extremadura Ham

Buying Dehesa de Extremadura Iberian ham is choosing the most awarded and desired ham in the universe of Iberian hams.

Designation of Origin of Extremadura ham

The Protected Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura is recognized in the Iberian ham sector for its enormous demand to farmers or producers of Iberian ham and shoulder of Extremadura.

The PDO Jamón Ibérico Dehesa de Extremadura establishes controls in the field, in the process of slaughter, elaboration and controls on the final product.

In the field, when farmers request it, the technical inspectors of the PDO Dehesa de Extremadura check the records and other legal requirements demanded by the Iberian standard. They also examine the weight, age and genealogical profile of each pig. They analyze the hectares of montanera available for each animal and confirm that they are in accordance with the requirements of the PDO Jamón de Extremadura specifications and the quality standard of Iberian ham. Finally, they mark the suitable animals with a numbered metal ear tag.

Once this first inspection has been carried out, new visits to the farm will be carried out on as many occasions as the technicians deem appropriate. Any Iberian pig that does not comply with the conditions of the Dehesa de Extremadura Designation of Origin may be declassified at any time.

When the animal arrives at the slaughterhouse for slaughter, its origin and number of crotals are confirmed. At that time to each Iberian ham or Iberian shoulder is added a numbered plastic flange that allows maintaining the traceability that has already begun in the field. Subsequently, periodic controls are carried out in the different phases of curing: profiling, salting, drying and aging in the cellar. Always checking that a traditional and artisanal process is followed.

When the Iberian shoulder or Iberian ham has completed its curing process, the technicians go to the producer's facilities where all the pieces are "set" one by one. Only those Iberian hams whose aroma is perfect and in accordance with the requirements of the DO Dehesa de Extremadura will get the back label that together with the seal placed at the beginning of the process will guarantee the origin of this exclusive Iberian ham.

The Denomination of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura only classifies Iberian pigs with racial purity of 100% or at least 75%. In the field of food, the D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura includes:

The animals raised in freedom in the dehesa fed exclusively with the acorns and fruits of the dehesa in the fattening phase of montanera and the Iberian pigs raised in extensive regime in the Dehesas Extremeñas that have supplemented their fed with selected feed.

Types of Iberian ham from the Dehesa de Extremadura

The combination of racial purity and food gives rise to 3 guarantee labels of the Iberian ham D.O.P. Dehesa de Extremadura:

100% Iberian Bellota Ham Dehesa de Extremadura with black label and black seal. It is the only and authentic pata negra ham from Extremadura. In this same category and with the same color of seal and label will enter the 100% Iberian Bellota Paleta Dehesa de Extremadura.

Bellota Ham 75% Iberian DO Dehesa de Extremadura and Bellota Shoulder 75% Iberian PDO Dehesa Extremadura that will be identified with the seal and Red label.

Ham and shoulder of bait field 75% or 100% Iberian that will be labeled and sealed with a green flange.

It is important to note that the auditors of the Regulatory Council of the PDO Dehesa de Extremadura place one by one both seals in the slaughterhouse and labels in the dryer. So that the management and control of seals and labels are always and exclusively in the hands of the regulatory council.

Brands of Iberian hams from Extremadura

In Ibericomio.es the producers with establishment in Extremadura are Jamones Sierra de Monfragüe, Tatredral, Iberian Hams Sierra de Monesterio, Iberian Hams El Serrano, Jamones Señorío de Montanera, Sierra de Barbellido, Jamones Y Embutidos Morato, Japasur, Suribérico, Sausages and Salted Vaquero and León, ........although not all of them offer Iberian Ham D.O.P. Dehesa de Extremadura.

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