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Iberian Ham for 99€

Find in our online store the best Iberian ham for less than 99€, from sliced to whole pieces. Our Iberian hams respect the craftsmanship, quality assurance at the table and make their products with raw materials from Iberian pigs with the guarantees offered by the Standard of Iberian R.D. 4/2014...

Iberian ham labels.

So that you can understand a little more about how to buy Iberian ham, we are going to talk about the flanges or labels that Iberian hams carry. This way you can learn a little more about what you should know before buying a ham.

We are going to consider the following as indicators of the quality of a ham: racial purity, feeding and handling. The current labeling distinguishes the following labels on Iberian hams:

  • Black Label: Acorn-fed Iberian Ham (100% Iberian). The only ham that can be called Pata Negra ham or pure acorn-fed ham. Hams that come from 100% Iberian pigs raised in freedom in the pastures and fed during their last fattening phase on natural pastures, aromatic herbs and acorns.
  • Red Label: Acorn-fed Iberian Ham (75% Iberian or 50% Iberian). Hams that come from crossbred pigs, so they are not 100% Iberian, raised in freedom in the pastures and fed during their last fattening phase on natural pastures, aromatic herbs and acorns.
  • Green Label: Cebo de Campo Iberian Ham (75% or 50% Iberian). Hams that come from pigs raised in freedom in the Dehesa in an extensive regime and fed on natural pastures, aromatic herbs and feed.
  • White Label: Cebo Iberian Ham ( 50% Iberian). Hams that come from pigs raised in stables or feedlots, in an intensive regime and fed with feed composed of cereals and legumes.

Denominations of Origin for ham

We have products under the four Denominations of Origin for Iberian Ham in Spain:

  • Iberian ham Designation of Origin Guijuelo, Jabugo, the Protected Designation of Origin Los Pedroches and the recognized Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura. Choosing one origin or another depends on the consumer's taste. All ham with Denomination of Origin undergoes strict quality control guaranteed by its C.R.D.O.
  • The lower price of the Dehesa de Guijuelo DO is simply a question of production volume. The other DO's have a more limited production and less supply, and therefore higher prices.

Our associated producers guarantee that ALL their Iberian products pass the quality certifications. Our selection of hams will allow you to save time in your decision and make the right choice when buying a good Iberian ham.

If you register on our website or subscribe to our newsletters you will receive 2 or 3 times a year offers of Iberian ham at the best price.

On special occasions our producers will also offer you a good serrano ham, a bodega ham, a reserva ham and a gran reserva ham. This is another option for tasting a product that is handmade and not at all common on the supermarket shelves. You will notice it in the flavor and texture of the meat.

On our online site you can buy a good Iberian ham at factory prices that in many cases will not envy the most recognized brands in the sector, such as 5jotas ham or any other well-known brand.

Tips for buying Iberian ham

Some tips for buying Iberian ham:

If the ham is an authentic 100% Iberian pata negra ham its weight can be from 6.5kgs. This is an ideal weight for households with few consumers.
If we are talking about a 50% Iberian acorn-fed acorn-fed ham, experts prefer a large ham, from 8kgs upwards, as its yield is higher. You will have a higher percentage of ham on the bone and bacon.

If you do not have much space for ham and ham holder, we recommend sliced and vacuum-packed Iberian ham. It will allow you to consume it comfortably for up to 6 months. You only have to keep it in a dry and refrigerated place. You can buy the whole piece or ask us to slice it with a knife or in a traditional way. In both cases it is vacuum packed at the same time the producer receives your order.

If you find it difficult to start slicing the ham, some of our producers offer you the possibility of sending you the ham with the slicing already started. This option does not involve any extra cost.

100% Iberian Ham or "simply" Iberian Ham

The 100% Iberian animal is one whose progenitors are both 100% Iberian breed and registered in the corresponding Stud Book. It is the pure Iberian or pata negra ham.
Take note!!!! All Iberian pigs are registered. An animal is called "simply" Iberian when it has at least 50% of the genetic load of the Iberian pig breed. In this case, a distinction is made between: Animals 75% Iberian, those whose mother is 100% Iberian and the father 100% Duroc. 50% Iberian animals, in this case the mother is also 100% Iberian breed but the father is only 50% Duroc. As in the case of the 100% Iberian animal, the appropriate verifications are made in the corresponding Stud Books. Do you want to know more about what is Duroc ham?

If you continue browsing our site you will see mentions, within the Iberian pig, of strains such as Lampiña, Manchado de Jabugo, Torbiscal, Retinta Extremeña, Entrepelado. What does this mean? Without going into detail and in a very generic way, we can tell you that the Iberian pig breed has a rich inter-racial diversity configured in the so-called strains. These are the consequence of the influence over decades of the different environmental conditions (climate, orography) that are not uniform in all the pastures of the Iberian Peninsula and the genetic differential factor within the same breed.

In addition, there is something very important to consider about Iberian ham: Do you know how long it takes from the time the piglet is born until it becomes that marvelous leg of ham that is the envy of all? Let's do the math: the minimum slaughter age for an Iberian pig fed in the Montanera is 14 months. In the case of the Iberian pig of cebo de campo, it is reduced to 12 months and the so-called cebo pigs, it is only 10 months.

To this period must be added the curing phase. In the case of pata negra Iberian hams, this is usually a minimum of 30 months. In the case of fattened Iberian ham, the minimum curing period can be reduced to two years.

If you add it up, you will see that a minimum of 4 years is necessary to have a 100% Iberian ham. In such a long period of time, many things can happen. Therefore, the curing process and many other external factors can influence the final quality.

Thus, our website uses and introduces you to processors that we have visited, that we know personally, that we know take great care of all the products of the Iberian pig, that elaborate with care and affection this high quality ham, loin and Iberian sausages.

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