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Sliced Iberian ham

Iberian ham needs to be cut following guidelines so that you can enjoy all its aroma and flavor.
In addition, the conservation of a leg of ham requires a certain space and temperature and humidity conditions that are not always easy at home.
Buying sliced Iberian ham with a knife or machine is the option that we present here to enjoy in all its splendor of this jewel of our gastronomy.  

The cutting of the ham. Machine cutting or knife cutting?

The Iberian ham sliced by machine will always present a more regular appearance with all the slices identical. When it is done industrially, the cut by machine, the ham must be previously cooled to allow the heat generated by the friction of the cut does not prevent obtaining homogeneous slices. This can make the taste feel a little different. In some cases, the process is also done that only great experts can get to notice the difference.

Machine cutting has a great advantage. Its cost is much lower and also much more agile. We managed to cut many slices of ham in a short time.

An option to the sliced Iberian ham by machine are the artisanal slices. In this case, non-industrial slicing machines are used that achieve a thin slice, small in size and very similar to that obtained from a hand-cut ham. 

In any case, whenever the machine is cut, the direction of the ham fibers is followed to maintain the flavor and softness of the piece.

The Iberian ham sliced with a knife will always present more irregular slices. However, when making the cut without modifying the temperature of the leg, juicier slices are always achieved.

The slicing of Iberian ham with a knife is an art. Skilled cutters must master the technique and have good tools. We are talking about a professional ham stand and sharp knives. The merit is in obtaining by cutting with a knife a cut as regular as possible that maintains the flavor of the ham at all times.

The knife cutting of Iberian ham follows extreme hygienic conditions so that after cutting it is vacuum packed. Thus we  preserve all its organoleptic characteristics without contamination of any kind.

Buy sliced ham online

In Ibericomio you can buy sliced Iberian ham from the main production areas: Extremadura, Jabugo, Los Pedroches and Guijuelo.

Our associated manufacturers offer us different options of slicing by hand, machine, handmade. Slices of 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham or bait ham field.

Presented in individual sachets of 65gr or 100gr. vacuum packed and always elaborated according to receive your order.


Having a slice of Iberian ham on hand in vacuum-packed sachets is always a success. It will not take up much space in the fridge and you will have it available to consume quickly.

In the XXI century the houses are smaller, the kitchens with less space, we with less time, the smaller family unit. In the end a whole leg of ham in a ham holder or a shoulder occupies a lot. It dries or it may also be that we do not know how to cut the ham well.

Despite the changes, you should not give up buying quality ham at a good price. The option is: buy sliced Iberian ham. These are our consumption suggestions to get the most out of your ham already sliced, in sachets and vacuum packed.

Ready to enjoy to the fullest?

1st. Conservation. Always in the refrigerator, about 4ºc. The best before date will depend on the producer, the usual is 12 months. We recommend a maximum of 3-4 months.

2nd. Adaptation to room temperature. The envelope must be removed from the refrigerator several hours before consuming it so that the product "sweats" a little. We do not advise to speed up this process, but if you need to do, you can put it under the tap with warm water.

And there is less left... Open the envelope of the Iberian slicing. We suggest that you do it about 15' before consumption. In this way, you manage to eliminate the transmission of flavor that the plastic has been able to transfer to the ham. When you see that the ham begins to glow, you can start separating the slices of ham and plating. Always do it in a way that allows the slice to transpire.

That's it! Now enjoy!

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