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Christmas Hampers

Christmas baskets and personalized Iberian lots for corporate gifts

Iberian ham specials. In Ibericomio we have lots for companies at Christmas, Iberian gifts for pregnant women, communions and special events. Pure Iberian acorn products 100% raised in freedom with a 100% acorn diet. The pleasure of enjoying a truly pure Iberian.

Are you thinking of a special Iberian gift pack for those you love the most? Do you want to reward your team after a year of long effort?

Here we present different options of gift lots with Iberian products.

Lots of Iberian, lots with the most awarded cheeses in Spain. And if any of these lots do not quite match your needs, please contact us. We have more than 30 suppliers of Iberian Ham who will be happy to make your gift lot according to your budget.

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