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Ibericomio is formed by a group of professionals with more than 40 years of accumulated work experience in the world of Iberian and new technologies. We are crazy people in love with Iberian products who want to share our passion with you.

We live in the heart of La Mancha, maybe from Don Quixote comes this madness ... But we do not fight against mills turned into giants, we fight to get the best Iberian product, authentic and with guarantees to bring it to your table.

Ibericomio was born with our travels through Extremadura, Salamanca and Andalusia always looking for those genuine producers of acorn-fed Iberian ham. We have done thousands of kilometers to visit many Iberian pig farms and attend to the explanations of the artisan manufacturers of Iberian ham.

In our madness, we have decided to share our secrets and bring to all of you these wonderful Iberian products direct from the manufacturer. Allow you to experience the direct purchase of the most genuine sausage and Iberian ham factories without leaving your homes.

That is our proposal, to offer you real madness in price and quality direct from the manufacturer. From the dryer to your home without intermediaries and at crazy prices.

Do you also like Iberian ham crazy?

This platform was born one spring afternoon in Alcázar de San Juan, heart of La Mancha. Its creators Apolo Montero and Fernando del Fresno gave a good account of a plate of ham in a snack organized by the first.

Between slices of ham, they begin to talk about their respective professions and the idea of a common business that takes advantage of the experience of both jumps. So what is born from a conversation around a leg of ham, is transformed into this madness; ibericomio.es 

And who are the crazy people of the Iberian?

Apolo Montero

Apolo Montero Ruiz

Business Development

Apollo, Extremadura by birth, Cadiz by spirit and Manchego by adoption. Economist who has spent most of his professional career exporting good food from Spain all over the world. His obsession; the clients and their heart in the football team of 3º of primary of the CEIP Jardín de Arena to which he directed the matches with the same drive and optimism that seeks alternatives for the clients of ibericomio.

If you have managed to take the Iberian Ham to Manhattan, Miami, Panama, Mexico or Colombia you will surely find the best offers of acorn-fed ham, bait shoulder or Iberian sausage for all the crazy Iberian.


Nadia El Khitri

Administration Department

Nadia El Khitri, is the youngest and most sane of these crazy for the Iberian. His story of overcoming and fighting serves as an example to the whole team. With neatness, perfectionism and enormous seriousness, he manages all the administration and accounting of this Iberian madness. She is responsible for ensuring that all collections, payments, taxes and invoices are in shape and on time.

charo Martín

Charo Martin

Customer Service Department

Charo Martín, has spent half her life dedicated to the world of Iberian. Madrilenian by birth, she left the great capital for love and discovered one of the most precious corners of the Hurdes Cacereñas, an unknown natural paradise.
When he arrived at Las Hurdes, he began his passion for the Iberian that he has been combining with long walks along the most beautiful routes in the north of Extremadura.
When we proposed the challenge of Los Locos de lo Ibérico he did not hesitate. Now he continues working in that incomparable setting of nature with his puppy Luck while  enjoying the best Iberian in the world. 
From there with all its sweetness and professionalism will recommend the best Iberian. She will assist you by phone, e-mail, WhatsApp and any new technologies they invent to bring you closer to the Iberian craze.

It's that simple.

We have merged our passion, our attitude and the knowledge of the sector, the producers and the technical domain to launch our dream; That other crazy for the Iberian can enjoy as we do the most authentic and hidden producers. 


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