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Acorn-fed Iberian Ham

In Ibericomio you can buy a selection of Iberian ham direct from the producer at wholesale price, without intermediaries. In our online store we present different options of the best selected Iberian acorn-fed hams from Spain: Extremadura, Jabugo, Guijuelo and Pedroches which are the only four D.O. P. of Iberian ham existing in Spain and that guarantee a special care of the quality of the product.

Enjoy from this moment the madness of an authentic Iberian acorn-fed ham, in its different presentations; whole piece of ham, ham with the cut started, cut by hand with a knife and boneless acorn ham.

By buying one of these hams previously selected by Ibericomio you are acquiring one of the jewels in the crown of the gastronomy of Spain, entering a world of incomparable flavors with the best and most recognized brands in the world of Iberian: jamón bellota 5 jotas, Sanchez Romero Carvajal, Señorío de Montanera, Tartessos, Julián del Águila, etc.  


The best acorn-fed Iberian hams are endorsed and certified by a black or red seal, their denomination according to the new regulations that regulate the marketing of gourmet Iberian products.

Thus we can find:

  • 100% Iberian acorn presented with flange or black label. This Iberian ham is the only one that can be called pata negra ham. It is a 100% Iberian purebred ham.
  • Acorn 75% Iberian that identifies it a bridle or red label
  • Bellota 50% Iberian also identified with a bridle or red label.

A characteristic of 100% acorn-fed hams is a greater amount of perimeter bacon and less infiltrated fat cut with a knife, which gives it a special taste and characteristic flavor. The shortage of 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham has led most consumers to demand Iberian ham with infiltrated fat, which is more noticeable in 50% or 75%. It is a matter of consumer taste to select a purebred Iberian ham or a crossed Iberian ham.

With these terms we are defining the racial purity of each animal. As in many other sectors, Iberian pig farmers have carried out research over the last decades to improve the productivity of their farms and thus meet a growing demand for gourmet Iberian products. In this line, 100% Iberian females began to be crossed with 100% duroc boogles, giving rise to what the standard calls 50% Iberian animal.
The 75% Iberian category is reserved for piglets resulting from the crossing between females of 100% Iberian breed and selected 50% Iberian males.

In any case, females must always be registered in the Iberian studbook.

Finally, a 100% Iberian pig breed is one in which both parents are 100% Iberian breed. What is known as a purebred Iberian pig.

Today it is very easy to know if the ham that comes home is an authentic pata negra Iberian ham or simply an Iberian acorn-fed ham. For this we have the Iberian Standard that establishes the conditions that the labeling of all Iberian ham must have and will allow us to easily identify our ham.

In addition, we have the application "IBERICO" created by ASICI allows you to check all the traceability of the Iberian leg you have purchased. You can to the application that guarantees the consumer the traceability of Iberian Ham and Shoulder.


This is the million-dollar question that we will try to answer in the following lines.

Obviously, in department stores such as El Corte Inglés Gourmet you can find the best known and exclusive brands of Iberian ham such as cinco jotas, Sanchez Romero Carvajal or Joselito Ham. You can also find a couple of other brands and finally your own brand. The variety of these department stores ranges from Serrano ham, Gran Reserva ham, reserve ham, Iberian bait ham, field bait to acorn-fed Iberian ham

You always have the option of going to recognized supermarkets such as Carrefour, Alcampo or Mercadona. In this case we talk about more mass consumption brands such as Navidul, other lesser-known brands at price and finally its own brand. In these large supermarkets where consumption is population mass you will not find good Iberian acorn-fed hams

In both cases there are several coincidences:

  • The ham you will buy has been out of the dryer for a few weeks now. We generally talk about hams that are part of numerous batches of 100 to 300 units selected and transported from the dryer to a logistics center and from there to each of the points of sale.
    Once you have chosen your ham, with help or not, you must transport it to your home. You will not deny that it is a nuisance to carry 8kgs. of ham. In addition, you must take good care that it is protected so as not to pringe grease either the car, the taxi or the person next to you on the bus.
  • Finally, the brands you can choose from, at best are reduced to 10 options and little information you will have about them in the establishment.

Given these alternatives, we present our ibericomio online store your Iberian portal, where you can choose from more than 20 manufacturers an authentic Iberian acorn-fed ham direct from the producer at a factory price. We also have an Iberian ham offers area 

Our Iberian acorn-fed hams go straight from the dryer to your home. They are tasted and selected by the ham master according to your instructions, more or less cured, larger or smaller ... and you receive it comfortably in your home. Forget about carrying a ham on your back for half a city.

Our Iberian manufacturers produce gourmet products of high level in different price categories. In this way in ibericomio you can find leading brands such as 5 jotas, Sanchez Romero Carvajal, Señorío de Montanera, Tartessos, Julián del Águila, etc. and authentic offers of pata negra ham from lesser-known brands with an exceptional flavor and price. We have a wide range of Iberian acorn-fed products. Here you can buy a good ham online from Jabugo Summun, from Extremadura, Guijuelo or Salamanca that arrives at home in less than 72 hours.

In Ibericomio, the client wants to buy a good Iberian ham online always has us available for any questions and if you need help when buying according to  your budget and preference. It always has available the option of acorn-cut ham cut with a knife or boneless.

The best place to buy a good and cheap acorn-fed Iberian ham online is in each producer's own dryer. But we are not going to make you drive hundreds of kilometers to find a dryer with a good, tasty and cheap ham.

In Ibericomio, ouronline store of Iberian ham you can:

  • Choose from the best Iberian hams online. Protected designations of origin of Jabugo, Extremadura, Guijuelo and Los Pedroches.
  • Choose from more than 30 producers such as Sanchez Romero Carvajal, 5 jotas, Julián del Águila, Martín Matas, Alba Romero, Señorío de Montanera, Sierra de Monesterio and many more with lesser known names but with products of the highest quality.
  • Choose your Iberian ham among the different qualities set by the new Iberian regulations. Iberian bait ham, Iberian field bait ham and Iberian acorn-fed ham from 100%, 75% or 50% purebred Iberian pigs.

with more than 20 producers (, who take the ham from the dryer to send it directly to Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Malaga or any other point of the peninsula with free shipping.

If you want to send your "acorn jambon" or your "Bellota Ham" to your friends in France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy or any other point in the European Union, we also do it in less than 10 days.


The price/kg of acorn-fed Iberian ham varies throughout all years depending on:

- The law of supply and demand. The greater the number of animals slaughtered in a year, the lower the price of ham. The Iberian sector has always been characterized by presenting true saw teeth in the evolution of its prices over the last decades. Some years, it was more about fangs because of the sharpness of the price both up and down. In addition, the enormous concentration in certain production areas such as Guijuelo allows you to find 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham at an incredible price and with exceptional quality.

As we have already explained in ibericomio you can find ham at a good price thanks to an austere policy of commercial margins, a reduction in costs and the manufacturer's commitment to get a good ham to the Iberian consumer in the digital medium.

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