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Sliced Iberian shoulder

Buying sliced Iberian shoulder either acorn or field bait is an economical and comfortable alternative for lovers of the Iberian shoulder.

The sliced Iberian shoulder represents a great advantage for the consumer; The performance is exact and you can organize the consumption in time without fear that the acorn palette will stay very dry.

Regarding the price, the sliced and vacuum-packed shoulder of Iberian bait will always be cheaper than an acorn shoulder in the same format.

Some of the offers of sliced Iberian shoulder that we present in ibericomio represent a great saving. Think that the knife cutting yield of an Iberian shoulder is at most 35%. Thus, an Iberian shoulder of bait field of about 5kgs will give you approximately 1.75kg of meat. If you do not consume daily, we recommend our slices to consume them in about a month.

Sliced pallet by hand or machine

Buying an Iberian shoulder knife sliced or a machine-sliced shoulder is already a personal decision of each of you. The most important thing is that the slicing of Iberian shoulder of bait field, acorn or bait is done at the same moment that your order is placed in order to guarantee the greatest possible freshness of the product.

Preservation of pallet sachets

When you receive your Iberian shoulder sliced sachets it is recommended that you keep them in a cool and dry place. The best location is always the refrigerator.

To consume a slice of vacuum-packed acorn shoulder you must keep the sachet at room temperature for a few hours before consumption. Once the envelope is opened, put the slices of the Iberian acorn-fed shoulder in the container of your choice and let them oxygenate for about 15'. In this way you will enjoy all the flavor of an authentic Iberian shoulder.

The preferred consumption of sliced and vacuum-packed Iberian shoulder varies according to the producer. It can perfectly reach 12 months although we all recommend consuming the sliced Iberian shoulder in less than 3 months and always following the advice that we indicated before.

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