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Los Pedroches Ham

Created in September 2010, the Denomination of Origin Los Pedroches is the youngest of the 4 denominations of origin of Iberian Ham. However, in this short period of time it has earned the recognition of the pata negra ham sector for the quality of DO Los Pedroches Iberian ham.

Los Pedroches stands out from other DO's because the territory that comprises it is Sierra Morena Biosphere Reserve, declared in 2002 by UNESCO.

The Iberian hams and shoulders of Los Pedroches come from Iberian pigs that must be raised and fattened in the north of Córdoba. Exactly in the municipalities of: Pedroche, Pozoblanco, Villanueva de Córdoba, Hinojosa del Duque, Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo, Espiel, Valsequillo, Belalcázar, Cardeña, Torrecampo, Fuente La Lancha, Fuente Obejuna, El Guijo, Alcaracejos, Villanueva del Duque, El Viso, Villanueva del Rey, Villaralto, La Granjuela, Añora, Los Blázquez, Conquista, Dos Torres, Bélmez, Santa Eufemia and Villanueva del Duque. In addition, Iberian pigs covered by the Los Pedroches Denomination of Origin may be raised on farms with an altitude higher than 300 meters in the municipalities of: Montoro, Adamuz, Hornachuelos, Obejo, Posadas, Villaviciosa, Posadas and Villaharta.

It is a spectacular environment of Mediterranean forest with a great wealth of holm oaks or chaparros, gall oaks and cork oaks that give the Cordoban meadow a special wealth in acorns that are the main sustenance for the Iberian acorn-fed pig.

The importance of the DO Los Pedroches in its scarce 10 years of history is reflected in the significant increase in slaughters of Iberian pigs. According to the figures of the Denomination of Origin itself, they have gone from just over 4,000 pigs slaughtered in the 2003-2004 campaign to exceed 15,000 Iberian pigs slaughtered in recent campaigns

The handling of the Iberian pig significantly influences the obtaining of a quality Iberian ham. Such is the fame that the fields and pastures of Los Pedroches have acquired, that some producers from other areas are already fighting to be able to bring their animals to this unique environment to achieve an improvement in the taste of a good Iberian acorn-fed ham.


An Iberian acorn-fed ham from Los Pedroches has that advantage of the environment in which the animals were raised and the privileged location of these municipalities of the Sierra Morena Cordobesa that allows a natural and artisan curing of the Iberian ham of Los Pedroches.

The quality offered by the Los Pedroches Designation of Origin is differentiated by the color of the vitola and seal carried by the DO Los Pedroches Iberian ham or shoulder. It coincides with the seals of the Iberian Standard thus facilitating its identification by the consumer.

  • Vitola and black inviolable seal for 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham
  • Vitola and red inviolable seal for 75% Iberian acorn-fed ham
  • Vitola and green inviolable seal for 50% Iberian field bait ham

For Ibericomio it is a pride to have in our portal one of the founding companies of this prestigious Denomination of Origin, Agroibérica de Pozoblanco, SL also known by its previous denomination, MALCAN, Hermanos Martín López.

The history of the Martín family and the Iberian ham of Los Pedroches reaches more than 3 generations. It was the grandfather of José Martín who more than 60 years ago emigrated from Guijuelo to Pozoblanco looking for the best pastures in which to raise Iberian pigs pata negra.

Since then the whole family has been dedicated to the breeding of Iberian cattle and the production of Iberian ham of acorn or bait field.

The involvement with the world of ham and Iberian shoulder of the Martín family could not be greater. José's mother is from Fuente del Maestre - Badajoz. The great Iberian production centres merge in this company: Guijuelo, Los Pedroches and Extremadura. With these premises, it is obvious that Agroiberica ham is one of the most recognized.

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