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Iberian Bellota Shoulder

In our online store you can buy Iberian shoulder of acorn direct from the producer at the best price. The information we provide and the labeling of the Iberian product allows you to easily differentiate the different categories within the Iberian Bellota Shoulder. Browsing our website you have Iberian shoulders acorn without D.O. of the same quality as with D.O. at incredible prices.

How is a 100% authentic Iberian acorn shoulder made?

The Iberian acorn shoulders come from the front legs of the 100% Iberian or 50%-75% Iberian pig.

The main difference of the Iberian acorn shoulder with other shoulders is the feeding of the pig in the fattening period, which is known as the montanera period.

The curing process is identical to that of other Iberian products, although the times are shortened. The standard requires a minimum of 12 months for the Iberian shoulder of acorn, although it is usual that its curing is approximately 24 months.

The first step, salting: In this room, with a humidity of 80%-85% and at a temperature between 3º and 4º, the legs are covered with sea salt for a period that varies depending on the weight of the piece at a rate of 3/4 day per kg. of fresh meat.
Salt has a triple function: it favors preservation, makes drying possible and provides the right touch of flavor.

The second step, post-salting: In this phase microbiological stabilization is achieved. For them they are accurate between 2-3 months. In that period the piece rests at a temperature that starts at 4º and ends at 16º with a controlled humidity of 80%-60%.

Once stabilization is achieved, natural drying begins in conditions of humidity and ambient temperature. Varying depending on weight, it can be about 8 months. In this phase the acorn palette develops all its flavor and aroma.

The last step, Winery: Finally, the shoulder goes to the winery where it will remain the necessary time until a shoulder of acorn is obtained at the optimum point of curing. The conditions in this phase are a humidity of 60% and a temperature of 16º-22º

The final weight of each piece will depend on its initial weight in "fresh". The average loss during the healing process is 35%. For example: a pallet that is marketed with 4.5kg of weight, weighed in origin about 7kgs. weighty.

According to the Iberian Standard, 100% Iberian acorn shoulder with black flange can weigh from 3.7kg. We are talking about the black leg acorn palette.

In the case of a 50-75% Iberian acorn shoulder with red seal, its minimum weight will be 4kgs and will reach up to 6.5kgs.

Flanges or labels of the acorn palette

Traceability is guaranteed with the certificates that each producer has of all the batches produced. In addition, it can also be checked by the flanges or labels that the piece carries: In black label acorn palette and red label acorn palette.


  • 100% Iberian Bellota shoulder with black label.
  • Bellota shoulder 75% Iberian with red label.
  • Bellota shoulder 50% Iberian with red label.


Also enjoy our offer in acorn shoulder without D.O. or acorn shoulder D.O. Guijuelo-Salamanca, Dehesa de Extremadura, Pedroches, and Jabugo. and always available in the four designations of origin of Iberian products that exist in Spain:

  • D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura
  • D.O. Guijuelo
  • D.O. Jabugo
  • D.O. The Pedroches

There is an important detail that you must take into account when buying Iberian shoulder of acorn and is that the amount of fat that covers it is proportionally higher than that of an Iberian ham. In addition, due to the morphology of the acorn-fed shoulder, the knife cut is slightly different from that of Iberian ham. For this reason, the yield of an Iberian shoulder of acorn cut with a knife is 30-35%.

In ibericomio, we make it easy for you. We also offer you the possibility of buying Iberian shoulder of acorn sliced by knife or machine just before being sent to your home and with all its flavor. Remember that the Iberian standard requires the labeling of all pieces with an inviolable seal whose color varies depending on racial purity.

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