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Iberian sausage

The Iberian sausage is part of the tradition of our country and is part of our most deeply rooted culinary history. It is another part of the Iberian pig that has contributed so much to our gastronomy. It could be one of our best-known gastronomic products in the world since it is, without a doubt, a typical product consumed by previous generations and very much to the taste also of the current ones. Therefore, we can say without falling into exaggerations that it is a cultural and culinary reference of the Iberian Peninsula.

In addition, the Iberian sausage is a product that can be consumed anywhere due to its easy preparation: at home for almost any occasion, in the sandwich of the children's school, on an excursion to the countryside or anywhere, even in space, as did the astronaut Pedro Duque, who on one of his trips brought Iberian chorizo or Jesús Calleja, that carries Iberian sausage and chorizo promoting its beloved community of Castilla León.

Among all the variety of products of our producers, we have selected the best 100% Iberian sausages, such as the Iberian loin of acorn, the Iberian sausage of acorn and the Iberian chorizo of acorn. Among them, 100% Iberian acorn-fed loin cane is one of the most appreciated products by sausage lovers.

In the same way as with ham and shoulders, which are not all Iberian, not all sausage is Iberian. It can only be said that a sausage is Iberian when at least 50% of the pig breed is Iberian.

Differences between sausage and cold cuts

Although they are often used synonymously, of course there are differences between the two. The cold meat is a meat derivative that includes another ingredient: starch. Depending on the quality of the cold cut, it will contain more or less meat. The lower the quality, it will contain a lower volume of meat and, therefore, it will have less nutritional value. On the other hand, a sausage, since it uses for its elaboration the traditional technique that we will now explain, will contain a mixture of meats seasoned with select spices to give it those aromas and flavors so recognizable and specific, that introduced in a natural or artificial casing, will provide flavors impossible to achieve with artificial products or other substitutes. So, made this distinction, we must know that if we want to buy Iberian sausage, buy Iberian chorizo and lomo embuchado are sausages and not cold cuts.

Elaboration process of the Iberian sausage

In the elaboration process, the ingredients such as paprika, garlic, salt and smoking of Iberian products allow the meat obtained in the slaughter to be consumed throughout the year in the form of any type of Iberian sausage.

The process of making Iberian chorizo and salchichón is carried out through traditional processes providing that flavor so difficult to forget. The steps are as follows:

  • Minced meat
  • Mixed and kneaded with spices. Of course, with the prominence of the Pimentón de la Vera!
  • Rest of the meat
  • Stuffed from the dough into the gut and tied.
  • Healing.

Conservation of Iberian sausages

Traditionally, food has been preserved thanks to salt, hence the curious superstition that throwing salt brings bad luck, since it could complicate the way to preserve food for consumption during the year. Later, with fire and smoke, the chances of preserving meat increased by smoking the meat. Currently, sausages are prepared vacuum-packed to preserve their nutritional and flavor qualities and are served both in whole and divided pieces to facilitate consumption. But it is very important when consuming them to remember that, to obtain their full flavor, they must be removed from the container about thirty minutes before in order to reach room temperature.

Iberian sausage in pregnancy

All women have heard that you have to be careful with sausages and ham during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you could get toxoplasmosis during pregnancy. We care about it and that's why we want to tell you that you should consult all this information with your doctor. But we also care about pregnant women in the sense of: what about our desires to eat ham and sausage? Therefore, we have created for them the most original gift, which consists of a gift pack of Iberian for pregnant women (ham, sausage and chorizo) so that they can enjoy their forbidden desires during pregnancy.

Our selection of Iberian sausages

Buying these lots of Iberian sausage at factory price, means, above all, ensuring a much higher quality and a saving in the price compared to what you would find in large surfaces, since distribution, packaging, storage costs, among others, are avoided. In addition, if we look at the labeling of more commercial sausages and sausages, we will see how flavor-enhancing ingredients (mainly, monosodium glutamate), preservatives or dyes are added to mask a lack of quality in the product.

In our selection of Iberian products we have chosen the sausage made with natural ingredients, free of gluten, lactose, nitrites and nitrates so we guarantee the purchase of a natural and traditional product avoiding artificial flavors and offering the best Iberian sausages from Extremadura, from areas of Castilla-León such as Salamanca or Andalusian as Huelva.

Ibericomio.es is the ideal online store to buy Iberian sausage with offers from artisan producers from the best areas of denomination of origin of Extremadura, Salamanca and Huelva. Check the offers of Iberian lots Extremadura.

The Iberian sausage in Extremadura

Extremadura is a land that is characterized by offering the market one of the best known typical products: The Iberian sausage. The Extremaduran tradition to the homemade sausages that were made in the old houses and that fed entire families during the following year, it could be said that it has been lost but authentic artisans of the Extremaduran sausage continue to preserve the way to create this great food. We have collected a selection of artisan producers who will put their products directly from the factory in our house.

Among the best sausages produced in Extremadura are the following: Iberian black pudding, Iberian chorizo, morcón, Iberian sausage, patatera, 100% Iberian loin cane without forgetting, of course, the shoulder and the Extremaduran Iberian ham.

In Ibericomio.es you can buy authentic Extremaduran sausages online with free shipping. From the cellars of our producers you will receive in a very short period of time the precious Extremaduran sausages at home.

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