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Offers Iberian ham

Compare our offers of Iberian ham direct from the factory at crazy prices. Your usual Iberian ham at the best price and with total return guarantee.

In this section of our website you will find an interesting selection of Iberian ham on offer from the main production centers; Extremadura, Jabugo-Huelva and Guijuelo-Salamanca.

The Iberian hams on offer that we offer on this page are not of lower quality than others that you can find in ibericomio.es. The price that we offer you here is the result of our negotiation with the producers to ensure that you can taste authentic Iberian ham and guarantee at unique prices.

As in fashion, with the sales periods, in the world of Iberian there are times when you can get good prices for Iberian ham. In addition, depending on the vintage and the volume of curing, the price may also vary. We must also consider the foreign market. A greater or lesser demand for Iberian ham outside our borders can allow us to get a cheaper price of Iberian ham than usual.

There are unforeseeable factors, such as the Coronavirus Crisis that lead to a need to generate cash in all companies and allows us to have very attractive Iberian ham offers .

There are always weight ranges of less interest for the offline Iberian market, qualities that are more difficult to market in traditional channels. We have the information, the knowledge of the markets and we work together with our artisan producers of Iberian ham looking for the authentic bargain of certified and quality Iberian ham.

Iberian ham on offer and guaranteed

Remember that in ibericomio.es all your purchases are guaranteed. If the product you buy does not meet the above, has a very large excess of salt, there is too much bacon in the mace or it is so dry that it cannot be eaten, you can always return it. You just have to follow the instructions that appear in the section: "Can I return a product already delivered?" of our rules of use

When we talk about offers of Iberian ham outside the norm, we refer to pieces of animals raised with Iberian pigs but that for different reasons are not included in the standard. You can see our section of Iberian hams out of the norm or if you are one of the most demanding you can consult the area of Iberian ham of acorn

Finally we have considered it appropriate to include in this section some pieces of duroc ham that have enjoyed an outdoor handling with a feeding of selected feed. These pieces should not be confused with the Iberian ham offers.

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