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Organic Iberian ham

Buy organic Iberian ham?

It seems redundant because an Iberian pig raised in freedom already seems organic.

Any of us who thinks of an organic Iberian ham and knows a little about the ecosystem of the Iberian Dehesa, will think that the paradigm of organic breeding is the Dehesas of Extremadura, Salamanca or Andalusia.

As there is an Iberian standard, in the case of organic Iberian pig farming, a series of requirements must be met.

Broadly speaking, the Dehesa Ecológica must certify that it does not carry out, nor has it carried out in the last two years, treatments with pesticides and other similar products as established by the corresponding Community Directive. These are Dehesas that must be perfectly delimited and independent of the "traditional" Dehesa

To qualify an Iberian pig as organic, the animal must follow the protocol of all organic livestock that establishes the treatments and organic food it will receive.

Obviously, organic food in Montanera de Dehesa Ecológica is guaranteed. In the case of Organic Iberian Pork with food supplemented with cereals and legumes, these must have the corresponding organic certification.

In the curing process of organic Iberian ham must be free of nitrites and nitrates. To obtain an organic Iberian ham the recipe will be simple, only sea salt and time are added.

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