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Ibericomio is a team, professionals from the technology sector, connoisseurs of the sector and producers who follow traditional production methods.

In ibericomio.es we have selected producers who guarantee authenticity and customer service. When you buy your ham, shoulder or sausage, you receive it directly from the producer.

The system is simple, you choose the product, you make the payment in the way that best suits you, the producer takes the piece from his dryer and sends it directly to the address you have indicated.

Therefore, your order does not go through any warehouse or distributor and that is why we save costs to offer you the best price. The producers provide us with prices according to the wholesale market and thus we manage to surprise you with crazy prices.

Our obsession:

Offer authentic Iberian products, guaranteed, that follow the norm. In short, that you can buy with confidence in this digital medium something so linked to our culture as is the Iberian ham.

You see that in ibericomio.es we are all in the same boat, so you will never get a surprise in your purchase of Iberian.


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