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Pata Negra Ham


Colloquially, when we talk about the term " pata negra" we refer to something of unquestionable quality in any product. If we move to Iberian ham, we will refer to hams whose racial purity is 100%, which have been raised in freedom and fed with acorns and natural pastures.

Since the entry into force of the regulations on the labelling of Iberian ham in Royal Decree (4/2014), the term "pata negra ham" is only officially applicable to 100% pure Iberian Bellota hams.

For any citizen there may be confusion with this term because of the black color of the hoof, with the black color of the pig, etc.

The hallmarks of an Iberian black-footed pig are: dark fur, little hair, thinner than its relatives, the black hoof, pure breed 100% Iberian, has been raised in freedom and fed on acorns and natural pastures. With these signs you will get a ham of the highest quality cataloged as the best ham in the world.


There are a number of reasons why the term pata negra is confused with pigs having black hooves. Normally, 100% have black hooves. There are other breeds that can confuse us such as the Duroc, which have a black hoof but are neither Iberian, nor 100% pure nor black leg.

With all this we can summarize that there are Iberian pigs that do not have a black hoof and pigs that have a black leg and cannot be called "black leg acorn ham" or Iberian. Don't get confused! The color of your hoof will NEVER be what makes it called "black leg."

But an essential characteristic of pure Pata Negra acorn hams is that this ham comes from pigs that are 100% Iberian and have been fed with natural pastures and acorns. The result is hams with more fat around, fat that usually shines at room temperature, less fat infiltrated in meat, darker in color and a more intense flavor and aroma. It may be the best ham in the world.

Expert cutters identify this type of ham due to its ease in cutting.

In general, the minimum curing period of this type of ham is 36 months for hams, and for shoulders it usually has 24 months. The curing time will also depend on the weight of the piece and if the curing time is longer, the aromas and flavors will be more intense.

Some customers may think that a ham with these characteristics is a ham that is dry, that has a lot of bacon coverage or even that does not have that marbling of fat infiltrated in the meat. This suggests that it can be a poor quality ham when they have acquired one that is just the opposite.


The hams and shoulder pata negra will always carry the black bridle, which is known as Iberian hams of acorn pata negra of black label.

This seal will carry the logo of ASICI (entity in charge of supplying the seals to the slaughterhouses), a traceability tracking number, and the term "100% Iberian ham" guaranteeing the purchase of an authentic ham.

This type of pata negra hams does not belong to a single origin but in Spain there are four Designations of Origin and they are:

- D.O. Dehesas de Extremadura. Extremadura ham

- D.O. Guijuelo. Guijuelo Ham

- D.O. Jabugo-Huelva. Jabugo Ham

- D.O. Los Pedroches. Los Pedroches Ham


Cutting a pata negra acorn-fed ham without the necessary utensils and without knowledge could be a real disaster, therefore, Ibericomio puts at your disposal a knife cutting and vacuum packaging service with an extra cost depending on the piece.

With the packaging you can keep the ham or shoulder for several months in a cool place and have it ready to consume in a few minutes.

Within each whole piece of ham or shoulder you can select this option.

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