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Guijuelo ham

Guijuelo ham is another of Spain's gastronomic gems. Guijuelo is a municipality located in the autonomous community of Castile and León, Spain. Recognized municipality of the province of Salamanca for the existence of numerous factories of Iberian hams and sausages.

In the middle of the Salmantina pasture, it has a perfect orography for raising Iberian pigs. A landscape of incredible extensions of holm oaks, cork oaks and pastures in a set of seventy-eight municipalities located in the southeast of Salamanca, adjacent to the Sierras de Béjar and Peña de Francia. Towns such as Ledrada, La Nava de Béjar, Campillo de Salvatierra, Puerto de Béjar, La Alberca ... which together with Guijuelo are especially recognized as manufacturers of Iberian ham.

The artisanal tradition in the production of Iberian ham in this area is perceived walking through its streets In all these towns of Salamanca you will find numerous shops of the manufacturers themselves. In any of them you can buy an exquisite Iberian Shoulder from Ledrada or buy the Acorn-fed Ham Denomination of Origin Guijuelo.

This prestigious protected designation of origin is one of only four designations of origin in Spain specific to Iberian ham.

All Iberian ham covered by this denomination complies with its specific requirements in the breeding and curing processes.

The production area allowed in the D.O. Guijuelo includes regions of Zamora, Ávila, Cáceres, Ciudad Real, Los Pedroches in Córdoba, Sierra Norte de Sevilla and even the Sierras de Huelva.

In the elaboration process that includes: salting, washing, re-seasoning, curing and aging of Iberian products is only allowed in a certain number of municipalities in the provinces of Salamanca (Ledrada, Puerto de Béjar, La Alberca, Guijo de Ávila, Cespedosa de Tormes ...) and Ávila.

Obviously, all Iberian ham of this denomination of origin is covered by R.D. 4/2014 of the Iberian quality standard.

In the Denomination of Origin Jamón de Guijuelo the classes can be distinguished:

  • Class I. 100% Iberian Bellota ham and shoulder from 100% Iberian pigs. These specimens are pure Iberian ham. The black leg of the Iberians.
  • Class II. Iberian Bellota ham and shoulder from 75% Iberian pigs.
  • Class III. Iberian field bait ham and shoulder from pigs with at least 75% Iberian breed.
  • Class IV. Iberian ham and shoulder from pigs with at least 50% Iberian breed.

Labelling of Guijuelo ham

In the slaughterhouse, every Iberian pork ham is labeled numbered and of a certain color corresponding to the category granted by the Quality Standard of Iberian products.

  • Black label. 100% Iberian ham and acorn-fed shoulder.
  • Red label. Bellota ham and shoulder 75% Iberian.
  • Green label. Ham and shoulder Cebo de Campo 50% Iberian
  • White label. Ham and shoulder Cebo 50% Iberian

All hams will have a numbered label that will inform of the type of Iberian product, the breed, the class depending on the diet that the pig has had during its breeding. This labeling provides traceability that certifies the quality of the Iberian product, thus giving quality offered by PDO products.

Where to buy a Guijuelo ham at factory price?

The best option is to go to one of the stores that owns in your municipality any manufacturer of Iberian ham and shoulder. To make it simpler, there is us. Ibericomio is the ideal online store where you can buy pure acorn-fed Iberian ham with free shipping to the entire Spanish peninsular territory.

Buying ham in ibericomio is buying Iberian ham directly from the manufacturer. That's why our prices are so tight since Ibericomio.es direct shipment from the manufacturer without intermediaries. In our online store we have different brands covered by this PDO.

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