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Iberian shoulder

Buy Iberian shoulder online directly from the manufacturer at the best price, without intermediaries. With traceability guaranteed on all parts through its flange or black or red label. You can buy without D.O. or covered by the four D.O. of the Iberian; Dehesa de Extremadura, Pedroches, Guijuelo and Jabugo.


Also known as Iberian shoulder corresponds to the front limbs of the Iberian pig and therefore is a smaller product than hams. Thus, the weights allowed by the Iberian Quality Standard for a 100% Iberian shoulder range from 3.7kg to 6.5kg. In the case of a racial purity of 50-75% the minimum weight is 4kg.

The curing process is identical to that of other Iberian products, although the times are shortened. The standard requires a minimum of 12 months, although it is usual for its cure to be approximately 24 months.


There is an important detail that you must take into account when buying Iberian shoulder and that is that the amount of fat that covers it is proportionally higher than that of an Iberian ham. This fat affects the taste and texture, thus achieving an exquisite and very tasty product.

Socially, the shoulder has been underestimated compared to ham, since it is considered to have lower quality, but it is clearly a mistake. The quality is equal to that of an Iberian ham. The price difference, which leads to this erroneous conclusion, is determined by two factors:

- The smaller amount of meat proportionally it has with respect to ham.

- The shortest curing time needed by an Iberian shoulder compared to the size of an Iberian ham.

In fact, in Ibericomio we suggest that when deciding between an Iberian shoulder or a ham, in addition to the cost, we have to consider the number of household members. For households of 1 or 2 people, it can be better adapted to consumption needs. In any case, in Ibericomio, we offer you different forms of consumption so you can enjoy the Iberian pleasure. You can find them in a sliced and vacuum-packed, boneless or whole format.

We want to emphasize that any offer of Iberian shoulder that you can find in large stores will never be of the same quality as those we offer in the section you find in our online store. The artisanal processes, the traceability of the product and most importantly; They are sent directly from the dryer to your home. No intermediate time in warehouses or exposed to the public.

Available in the four designations of origin of Iberian products that exist in Spain:

  • D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura
  • D.O. Guijuelo
  • D.O. Jabugo
  • D.O. The Pedroches


After the slaughter and cutting of the Iberian pig, the shoulders are identified with an inviolable seal with a color to indicate each denomination:

  • Black Label: 100% Iberian breed acorn shoulder. Forelimb obtained from 100% Iberian pigs raised in freedom, fed with grasses, herbs and fruit of the field. In montanera season fed with acorn.
  • Red Label: Acorn shoulder 50% or 75% Iberian breed. With the same feeding and fattening as purebred Iberian pigs. However, the racial purity of the animal is not 100%.
  • Green Label: Iberian field bait shoulder. Forelimb of Iberian pigs raised in freedom fed with grasses, herbs, fruit of the field and supplemented with feed. Their racial purity can be 50%, 75% or 100%. The usual thing is that they are paletas of bait field 50% Iberian race
  • White Label: Iberian bait shoulder. Forelimb of Iberian pigs raised on farms fed with feed and cereals. As in the case of field bait, racial purity is not determined, although the logical thing is 50% Iberian breed.

In addition, in the case of the Iberian shoulder covered under any Protected Designations of Origin, the shoulder will also be accompanied by the flange or label specified by the corresponding PDO Regulatory Council.

In this 2004 standard, the terms "recebo" and "pure Iberian" are eliminated in the product labeling.

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