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100% Iberian Bellota Ham. Pata Negra. Aracena

Information about 100% Iberian Bellota Ham. Pata Negra. Aracena

The 100% ibérico jamón de bellota is made in the Granada de Rio-Tinto, a municipality in Huelva bordering Higuera de la Sierra, Aracena and other towns with a long ham tradition.

Doble F, is the result of the inheritance and knowledge of Mr. Eulogio Díaz and is now embodied in Fabián Díaz, the 3rd generation of cattle ranchers located in the mountains of Huelva and Seville. When they started fattening pigs 100% ibérico, the most recognized firms in the world of ibérico came to buy their animals because of the enormous quality of the product they obtained. In 2004, the Díaz family began curing their own hams. Exclusively from the 300 pigs they slaughter annually.

Doble F is doing its bit in the fight against climate change with this 100% ibérico jamón de bellota where they have replaced ropes and vitolas in their products with biodegradable ones such as sisal for ropes and grass paper for vitolas.

This type of bellota -fed ham is one of the best options when buying authentic ham made from 100% breed pata negra pigs ibérica raised in the pastures of Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche.

The hams with a weight range: 6-6.5kgs and 6.5-7kg belong to the 2021 vintage and are made only with salt with a minimum of 32 months of curing.

The pieces of 8kg and above are from the 2020 vintage with a minimum of 44 months of curing.

(The price does not include the possible decoration)
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  • 6-6,5kg
  • 6,5-7kg
  • 7-7,5kg
  • 7,5-8kg
  • 8-8,5kg
  • 8,5-9kg
  • 9-9,5kg
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Product Details

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET 100% Iberian Bellota Ham. Pata Negra. Aracena

Color Seal R.D 4/2014
Racial purity
100% Iberian
Raised in freedom in the Dehesa
Minimal Healing
32 months min
Appellation of origin
Jamón Ibérico non-PDO
Prepared in
Aracena - Huelva
Place of breeding
Zufre, Higuera de la Sierra and La Granada de Río-Tinto
Delivery in
4 working days
Allergen Information
Gluten free
Jamón de Bellota 100% Ibérica, sugar, preservatives: salt and E-252, antioxidant: E-301 and acidity regulator: E-331iii.
Shipping Information
Individual piece wrapped in greaseproof paper and presented in a cardboard box.
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Meet the producer

Ibéricos Doble F is the brand of a small family business of Iberian pig farmers and producers of their derivatives. It all started in 1998 and, since 2004, after the requests of family and friends we started to make our own products, until today. They have their own breeding mother farm located in the Sierra de Sevilla. The fattening of our pigs, based on acorns, and the subsequent elaboration and curing of the products derived from them is carried out in the Sierra de Huelva, specifically in the region of Aracena and Picos de Aroche.


Doble F produces 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham in Huelva, using biodegradable materials in its products to be sustainable. These 7-7.5 kg hams, cured for at least 32 months, are an excellent option for those looking for authentic pata negra ham from 100% Iberian breed pigs raised in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche.

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Manuel M.
Me parece un producto de primerísima línea. Curación perfecta, sabor extraordinario, sabor expectacular. Relación calidad precio de 10.
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