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Jamones Ibéricos Extremeños - García Mimbrero

Jamones Ibéricos Extremeños - García Mimbrero

Jamones ibéricos García Mimbrero accumulates three generations of wisdom. Since Rafael García Mimbrero founded the company in 1956 with the firm intention of bringing quality Iberian at a fair and affordable price.

More than 60 years have passed since Rafael García founded "La Casa" but in this family the work continues to be done with the same dedication and affection. The objective has not changed; Produce quality hams with homogeneous characteristics that last over time.

To achieve this, in Jamones ibéricos García Mimbrero the secret is in the strict control of the production chain. From the elaboration of the feed itself to the drying of shoulders and hams, through the breeding and fattening of very selected Iberian pigs

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