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Agroiberica de Pozoblanco - Jamón Ibérico de Bellota

Agroiberica de Pozoblanco - Jamón Ibérico de Bellota

Finca Cañada La Pila, on the road that takes you between Dehesas from Pozoblanco to Obejo, is the jewel in the crown of Agroibérica de Pozoblanco. An extensive Dehesa de Encinas where pure Iberian pigs are raised from which the renowned Bellota Ham of Agroiberica will be obtained.

In addition to La Pila, the Martín family has other Dehesas in other municipalities such as Villanueva de Córdoba, Cardeña or Espiel. All farms are within the framework of the Los Pedroches Denomination of Origin, which allows Agroiberica to select its best pieces to be qualified as DO Los Pedroches Iberian Ham.


The Iberian ham of Agroibérica de Pozoblanco comes solely and exclusively from the more than 1500 own animals that it slaughters per year. The traceability of Agroiberica 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham is guaranteed from the moment the piglets are born until they are slaughtered.

The curing plant that Agroibérica de Pozoblanco has in this Cordovan town is known throughout the region as Jamones Malcan, Hermanos Martín López. In this factory, hams are still cured in the same artisanal way as when José's grandfather arrived from Salamanca. Opening and closing windows according to the time of year, the winds that blow every day and taking advantage of the heat or cold of each hour of the day. The company still retains the brand Jamón Ibérico Malcan and it is common for the town to be known more by this name than by Agroibérica.

The Martín family was the driving force behind the creation of the D.O.P. Jamón Ibérico de Los Pedroches. His recognized career in defense of D.O. Ham Los Pedroches is verified in its continuous presence in all activities that the Los Pedroches Denomination of Origin carries out nationally and internationally. In our portal you can find all the offer of Iberian Ham D.O. Los Pedroches de Agroibérica de Pozoblanco.

Agroibérica's Iberian sausage is still made with José's grandmother's recipe, using only natural ingredients and the best lean, prey, secret, feather... of the own Iberian pigs.

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