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Iberian shoulder of field bait and bait

Iberian shoulder of bait field. A very smart possible choice.

The Iberian shoulder of field bait corresponds to the forelimbs of the Iberian pig. The differentiation in the taste of this product comes mainly from the handling of the Iberian pig. It is what experts call that it has been well "campeada". For some experts, a shoulder of Iberian field bait from well-camped Iberian pigs can be confused with any Iberian acorn shoulder.

The animal needs to walk through the Dehesa and if it has that "field", we will get a meat of flavor. The Iberian shoulder of bait field that we offer here comes from animals that have enjoyed open spaces feeding on herbs and roots supplemented in the montanera season with selected feed.

To distinguish this type of shoulders or pallets will be those that are labeled with the green flange.

Iberian bait shoulder. The cheapest option

The Iberian bait shoulder is the most economical option to enjoy an authentic Iberian. That is why it is the most commercialized piece and sometimes it is difficult to find a quality Iberian bait shoulder . We have visited many facilities to offer you the best selection of Iberian Shoulder of Cebo direct from the producer. We recommend the Iberian bait shoulder complete with its bone to always preserve all its flavor. With a little skill, you will get the maximum performance.

If you are definitely afraid of the knife, we have great offers of sliced Iberian shoulder at an incredible price.

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