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ibericomio.com - Tu tienda online para comprar jamón ibérico y embutido ibérico directo del productor.

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Time to enjoy

At Ibericomio we have selected a range of high quality and gourmet products, Heat and Ready is an innovative and very practical solution for the most demanding consumers who value quality, time and culinary experience.

Premium Ingredients

These products are carefully chosen for their exceptional quality, workmanship and authentic taste that satisfies the demands of the most demanding palates.

It allows you to enjoy gourmet dishes without the time and effort that traditional preparation requires.

Quality & Freshness

These products are made following the highest standards of culinary quality, maintaining their freshness and authentic and artisanal flavor, ready to be heated and served in a few minutes, with the guarantee of maximum quality.

Authentic Taste

By using premium ingredients and innovative production and preservation techniques, Heat & Ready products arrive at your table freshly cooked.

You also have different culinary options, from traditional dishes to Michelin-starred creations, ensuring that every bite is a unique gastronomic experience.

Time to Enjoy

Share unforgettable moments, make your celebrations even more special, enjoy a gourmet and hassle-free experience with your loved ones, with our selected products Heat and Ready we make it very easy for you.

Save time without sacrificing quality, with our ready-to-serve products at a price that will surprise you!

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