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Jamones ibéricos Los Hernandez

Jamones ibéricos Los Hernandez

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Traditional Iberian acorn loin. Made according to the traditional recipe of the Hernández family from the highlands of the Santa Ana Valley next to the ham town of Jerez de Los Caballeros. An Iberian acorn-fed loin...
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For more than 70 years, Jamones ibéricos Los Hernandez. Jerez de los Caballeros. Badajoz elaborate with care and passion hams and sausages of high quality that continue to cure naturally in the dryer used by the founder himself, corresponding to the first generation of Los Hernández who dedicated themselves with care and wisdom to the elaboration of this gastronomic jewel.

In this sense, their products remain as traditional as in the past although they have introduced new technological or logistical advances in the processes. 60 years give to have the right recipes for unique hams and sausages that represent the traditional essence in Los Hernández.

They currently produce thousands of hams, shipping their products both nationally and internationally. And, throughout all these years, they have been able to appreciate all the notes of this delicious product.

It is on the palate where all the nuances are triggered, with an explosion of flavors resulting from the naturalness of the salting and drying process, all in a favorable environment and with environmental elements that generate a perfect combination.

Jamones ibéricos Los Hernandez of Jerez de los Caballeros with more than 60 years dedicated to the world of ham production and 4 generations, the Hernandez family dedicates all its time to take care of the complex process that requires a piece of Iberian ham or cured meat.

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