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Jamón Ibérico y embutidos Ibéricos Artesanos Dehesa Los Baldíos

Jamón Ibérico y embutidos Ibéricos Artesanos Dehesa Los Baldíos

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As they say in Jamones y Embutidos Ibéricos del Baldío each Iberian ham of acorn "has its own history" and goes beyond the purely gastronomic.

Iberian ham from Dehesa de los Baldíos - Iberbal

Iberbal Iberian ham is characterized by the intense, unique and juicy flavor of acorn-fed Iberian ham that remains on the palate giving that unparalleled pleasure of eating a good ham.

One of the factors that influence this excellent taste is the breeding of the Iberian pig in an extensive regime in the more than 2,000 hectares of Dehesa de Extremadura that the family has. This guarantees a large amount of acorn in the montanera season.

jamones ibéricos el BaldíoThe Leal family counts on La Dehesa El Baldío and La Dehesa Campo Segundo to raise their pigs in freedom enjoying the incomparable environment in the vicinity of the terms of Arroyo de la Luz and Brozas in the province of Cáceres, Extremadura. Region recognized worldwide as one of the most expert in the production and curing of genuine and authentic Iberian ham.

The sign of distinction of Dehesa Los Baldíos Iberian Ham is the total integration of the process from the breeding of the piglets in its Dehesa Extremeña to the curing of the legs in its modern facilities in Plasencia.

In addition, in Jamones Iberbal, animal welfare is a fundamental premise. The handling of the animals always with positive stimuli and herding of the pig in favor of the territory in which the guarros come to the sound of the Zurriago wading the oaks to feed on a juicy acorn.

In addition to the excellent Iberian acorn-fed ham, it has other excellent products such as the Iberian shoulder in several categories covered by the Iberian standard, Iberian sausages and a wide variety of fresh meats such as sirloin, secret, feather, lizard and fan.

The healing process in Dehesa de los Baldíos

Iberbal has the most current technologies but without forgetting the artisanal process of curing Iberian ham and sausage. Each ham in its point of salt with a curing process of at least 30 months.

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