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Productos Ibéricos Sierra de Barbellido - Extremadura

Productos Ibéricos Sierra de Barbellido - Extremadura

They are traditional Iberian farmers in Extremadura, in 2001 we made a commitment to the future for Sierra de Barbellido, with the aim of offering directly to the consumer the natural aroma and flavor of our Iberian products, complying with strict traceability throughout the process. We are specialized in the artisanal production of selected hams and sausages, from Iberian pigs raised in freedom and fed in the field with natural pastures, feed made with cereals or with acorns from the Extremadura pasture. Our quality standards and careful artisanal elaboration, transferred from generations, favor the conservation of the natural aromas and flavors of all our Iberian products.

Quality guarantee of Iberian ham

In Sierra de Barbellido we ensure the traceability of all our Iberian products – acorn or field – from the pasture to the consumer. Its elaboration is carried out entirely in our factory in Extremadura, with a purely artisanal production, respecting the traditions of profiling, salting, dressing of sausages, drying and maturation; but with renewed techniques and facilities to adapt the processes to the most advanced international quality standards. One of our goals is to maintain our high hygiene standards in all processes. The quality control department, supported by strict external certifying companies; It supervises and controls the entire manufacturing, as well as all raw and auxiliary materials. In this way we can guarantee that all our products are of the highest quality and arrive in perfect condition to our consumers.

Our best Iberian ham

In our Iberian pork ham, we take care of every detail in order to obtain a better product every day. In addition to handcrafting, each piece remains in our natural cellars for more than two years, completing its curing period. Thanks to this, we achieve unbeatable results, noticeable to the naked eye. The lean flesh has a color between purple-red and pale pink, which highlights the streaks of infiltrated fat and its juicy bacon. It achieves a perfect balance between intense flavor and delicate acorn aroma.

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