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Field Bait Shoulder 50% Iberian. Major Summits. Huelva

Information about Field Bait Shoulder 50% Iberian. Major Summits. Huelva

Naturberia Iberian hams are made following the family tradition of Cumbre Mayores - Huelva for 3 generations. This 50% Iberian field bait shoulder is the result of a careful selection of pieces by the Navarro and Chaparro families, experts in the breeding of Iberian pigs on their farms Dehesa Fuente Álamo, Dehesa Los Llanos and Dehesa Gallopinto.

An Iberian palette of 50% field bait with a tight profile to achieve the highest performance when cutting a knife.

(The price does not include the possible decoration)
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(€14.66 por kg aprox.)


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Product Details

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Field Bait Shoulder 50% Iberian. Major Summits. Huelva

Color Seal R.D 4/2014
Field Bait
Racial purity
50% Iberian
Fruits of Mediterranean forest trees, pastures and selected feedingstuffs
Raised in freedom in the countryside of the Sierra de Huelva. Major Summits
Minimal Healing
12 months min
Appellation of origin
Jamón Ibérico non-PDO
Prepared in
Major Summits - Huelva
Delivery in
2/3 days
Allergen Information
May contain traces of gluten, lactose and milk derivatives

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Meet the producer

Ibéricos NATURBERIA was born three generations ago in the town of Cumbres Mayores in the Sierra de Huelva, cradle of Iberian ham, making Iberian products in an artisanal way, with the aim of bringing quality Iberian hams and sausages to all parts of Spain.

Our commitment and tradition has always been to use the best raw materials. Therefore, they raise the Iberian pig in freedom on their own land, feeding them with acorns, pastures and cereals in a natural way. This is how, following the traditional and natural techniques taught to us by our ancestors, we produce high quality products with a flavor that delights the palate.


Naturberia hams are made in Cumbre Mayores, Huelva, with three generations of family tradition. This 50% Iberian free-range fattening shoulder has been carefully selected by the Navarro and Chaparro families, experts in raising Iberian pigs on their farms. They offer a paddle with a tight profile for maximum performance when cutting with a knife.

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gerardo ros dominguez
La parte de la babilla muy curada, literalmente seca, casi no se podía cortar, demasiada curación. En cambio la otra parte espectacular, muy buena y jugosa. Seguramente repita a ver si me mandan una mas jugosita.
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