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Embutidos ibéricos Garcinuño S.L.

Embutidos ibéricos Garcinuño S.L.

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Garcinuño Iberian sausages from Monterrubio, Segovia

It offers us Iberian ham of bait, Iberian shoulder of bait and Iberian sausages made following the customs of our elders, as was formerly done in "the slaughter" in the villages.

Iberian Garcinuño

It is a family business led by the brothers Jaime and José María Moreno Garcinuño who are committed to the breeding of Iberian pigs for bait and production of Iberian ham and shoulder exclusively from their own livestock. They started as farmers and after two years of activity they began to cure their own Iberian bait ham.

Garcinuño Iberian Sausages, Why are they different?:

A firm commitment to 100% Iberian mothers of hairless lineage registered in the studbook of the Spanish Association of Breeders of Pure Iberian Select Pigs (Aeceriber) that allows to obtain an Iberian piglet with unbeatable morphological qualities, both in infiltrate, tenderness and juiciness. These mothers are crossed with Duroc breed fathers registered in the Stud Book of the National Association of Select Pig Breeders (ANPS)

The Garcinuño family uses exclusively cereals from their own farm, having their own cereal mill. This is how the animals are fed according to their needs. It has up to 10 different types of feed depending on whether it is mothers, piglets or bait. This combination allows them to offer an unbeatable diet to the animals, in order to obtain a final product cataloged as "High Oleic".

Ibéricos Garcinuño is committed to animal welfare and respect and care for the environment, with innovative and sustainable solutions, such as the photovoltaic plant itself for the self-consumption of light.

Garcinuño Iberian Products

The range of products offered includes:

  • Cebo Ham 50% Iberian
  • Bait Shoulder 50% Iberian
  • Iberian sausages and
  • Fresh Iberian meat.

In ibericomio.es we have started offering from Monterrubio, Segovia, its Iberian ham of Garcinuño bait and the Iberian shoulder of Garcinuño bait. Very soon you will also be able to taste their fresh Iberian meat.

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