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Personalized Ibericomio Gift Card

Information about Personalized Ibericomio Gift Card

At IBERICOMIO, we know how important it is to get the perfect gift right. That's why we make it easy for you: Get it right for sure with our IBERICOMIO Gift Card!

An original and rich, delicious gift that will delight any food lover.

What are the advantages of the Ibericomio gift card?

1. The IBERICOMIO Gift Card allows you to choose between different pre-defined amounts 25, 50 or 100 euros, and if you prefer a different amount, there is no problem, you can also personalize it with the amount or product you want to give. We want it to be the perfect gift.

2. IBERICOMIO Experience. With this card, you're giving away much more than just a grocery product. You are giving away a culinary experience of artisanal origin: hams, Iberian sausages and products selected for their differential quality.

IBERICOMIO offers a wide range of traditionally made Iberian products: Authentic gourmet delicacies, which will make you get this gift right for sure.

3. The IBERICOMIO Gift Card does not expire. The lucky person will be able to enjoy their gift at the time of year that suits them best.

4. Possibility of creating your personalized Card. Choose the message you want for that special someone. We send the eGift Card directly to your email or that of the person of your choice, you can also print it and deliver it.

The IBERICOMIO Gift Card is the perfect gift for lovers of good food and authentic flavours.

Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or any special occasion, this card allows you to give the products that you like the most to whoever receives it.

Don't waste any more time looking for the ideal gift, you've got it!

The IBERICOMIO Gift Card is the safe choice to delight your loved ones with an exceptional culinary experience.

Give the gift of flavour, quality and origin with the IBERICOMIO Gift Card. You're right for sure!

(The price does not include the possible decoration)

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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Personalized Ibericomio Gift Card

Product Sheet Notice

From Ibericomio.es we recommend to all our users that always before consuming any product read carefully the nutritional information of the same, the list of ingredients and the suggestions of consumption and / or conservation. We also recommend that you pay attention to all information, whether voluntary and/or mandatory, that appears on the product label or is provided by the producer. Please note that there may be transcription errors on our portal regarding product information.

Meet the producer
The IBERICOMIO Gift Card is the perfect choice to surprise that special person. You'll enjoy an unrivaled gourmet experience.
With this gift card, you give a trip to a world of authentic flavours, where you will enjoy the most exquisite products of IBERICOMIO, from Iberian hams pata negra to gourmet Iberian delicacies.
With this card you will have the freedom to choose what you like best.
You're not just giving away Iberian meats, you're giving away moments of culinary delight that will last in their memory.

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