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Jamones de Juviles - Alpujarra - Granada

Jamones de Juviles - Alpujarra - Granada

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Duroc Juviles palette with more than 10 months of curing. Paleta Bodega that is characterized by its black hoof, typical of the Duroc breed. Cured naturally in the municipality of Juviles - in the Alpujarra of...
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Jamón de Juviles - Jamón de las Alpujarras - Granada

Jamones de Juviles S.A produces ham from the Alpujarra without nitrifying agents, additives or preservatives. It is one of the few producers of low-salt IGP Trevélez Ham that still use the artisan method of curing.

At more than 1250m high, in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, in the town of Juviles (Granada), Jamones de Juviles, SA gets a low salt ham without additives.

Since the 30s in Juviles was salted and cured in homes the hams of family slaughter. The Fernández family stood out for the flavor they got in their pieces. Thus he began to market hams without nitrites creating the origins of the current company that sells a ham low in salt, with the IGP Jamón de Trevélez in the national and international market.

IGP Ham from Trévelez - Juviles

Jamones de Juviles SA has modern facilities that have gone from 6,000 m² at its inauguration to 10,000 m² today. It has two processing centers and a production capacity of more than 300,000 pieces per year.

The production process is audited by professionals, who apply their technical knowledge contributing their accumulated experience in the elaboration of an artisanal ham to achieve a recognized and contrasted quality ham. In Jamones de Juviles, SA, the exact moment of maturation is determined by the ham master based on the latest technical advances and the tradition of curing the ham of the Alpujarras.

The selection of pieces offered in Ibericomio is exclusive. Ham without nitrifying agents that comes out of the natural dryers with the exact curing point so that you can enjoy it in all its extension.

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