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 Jamón ibérico 5 jotas. Osborne

Jamón ibérico 5 jotas. Osborne

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100% Iberian acorn shoulder 5 jotas of texture and exclusive flavor of a 5j shoulder 100% Iberian acorn shoulders. 5j has more than 100 years of inherited knowledge, generation after generation, which guarantee the...
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A Cinco jotas Iberian acorn-fed ham is an authentic and unparalleled product. A true treasure of Spanish gastronomy. Its 100% Iberian Bellota hams and shoulders come from purebred Iberian pigs raised in total freedom in the Dehesas of the peninsula.

Since 1879 made in the town of Jabugo, origin and home of the authentic 100% Iberian ham 5 jotas.

You can consult our entire catalog of acorn-fed Iberian ham at the best price. Iberian ham selected to succeed in your purchase 100%.

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