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Hermanos Martín Sanchez. Jamones y embutidos ibéricos

Hermanos Martín Sanchez. Jamones y embutidos ibéricos

In the 1950s, Venancio Martín, a muleteer by profession, toured towns and cities in Castile and Extremadura offering the Iberian hams and sausages made by the family in a traditional way.
Since the beginning of the new century, his sons have boosted their Iberian production activity with excellent results.

All the Iberian products produced by Hermanos Martín Sánchez are certified by HYCER, an auditing company authorised to certify compliance with RD 4/2014 of the ibérico standard.

In addition, all Martín Sánchez products have the recognition of the guarantee mark of Castilian-Leonese products, Tierra de Sabor.

To give greater control to the products made by Hermanos Martín Sánchez, this company is covered by the PDO Jamón de Guijuelo , which covers the most selected products from its dryer.

Of particular note is the BELLAVISTA AWARDS'22 , which recognises its business excellence.

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