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Black Friday

When is Black Friday in 2023?

The date of Black Friday is not fixed. Every year it changes. In principle, it is always the fourth Friday of November. In this year 2023 the BF will be on November 24.

It is the day after Thanksgiving, a national holiday, which is celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November

What is Black Friday?

We all know it's an invention that comes from the United States. There is a bit of controversy about the origin of the term and the tradition of offering such good prices on the last Friday of November.

According to studies, everything was born in Philadelphia, United States, in the 50s. An Army-Navy football game was organized in this city for the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The interest of the game caused many people to come to Philadelphia the day after Thanksgiving to do their shopping and on Saturday to go to the game. Such was the traffic chaos, the tumult of people in the city that the local police and the press spoke of a "Black Friday".

Subsequently, and already in the commercial field, it is on November 19, 1975 when the New York Times speaks of a Black Friday due to the traffic jams and traffic problems that occurred that Friday when people took to the streets to take advantage of the discounts offered the day after Thanksgiving.

In the 21st century, Walmart began to use the term in a widespread way and in Spain the first to launch it was MediaMarkt in 2012.

Today, there is no business in the world that does not take advantage of this date to boost its sales for Christmas. Consumers see it as an opportunity to advance our purchases and get significant discounts.

Black Friday jamón ibérico of Los locos por lo ibérico will be on every Christmas menu. With our Black Friday offers we allow you to buy the jamón ibérico, the ibérico loin or a shoulder of bellota at unbeatable prices. In addition, we give you the opportunity to buy it at Black Friday price and send it to your home when you order from us. This way you get your jamón ibérico of the best quality and price directly from the producer.

When does Black Friday end at Ibericomio?

The Black Friday discounts at Ibericomio will start a few days before November 25th and we will have them active until the 25th.

Black Friday Jamón Ibérico

A Black Friday at Ibericomio is always Pata Negra. The ibérica madness of Ibericomio's Black Friday in 2022 will bring you these days offers on 100% ibérico bellota Ham and also on Cebo Ham.

Our crazy price week is the best option to get ahead of Christmas and take advantage of unique Black Friday discounts. As always, you will have a wide range of Iberian lots, shoulders and other Iberian products at the best price.

Black Friday paleta ibérica

If you are one of those who appreciate the intense flavor of paleta ibérica. If there are few of you at home. Or if you just like the shoulder ibérica better. Take advantage of paleta ibérica's Black Friday deals now. The best date to buy a paleta ibérica on sale for Christmas.

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