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Iberian Meat

Buy selection of 100% Iberian fresh acorn meat products. Rediscover the taste of pork directly from this winter's slaughter!


Contact us if you are a hospitality professional. We can adapt your order to your needs by adjusting costs.

Iberian acorn meat is a very healthy food. Its meat contains very little saturated fat and contains many minerals, such as iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium.

It has been shown that it does not raise cholesterol because it is a food very rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. In addition, the proportion of saturated fats is very low.

From Ibericomio we offer individuals these packs that we have considered that they can adapt to families or meetings of friends. We are also in a position to offer fresh Iberian meat wholesale both frozen and unfrozen days after slaughter. If you are interested in any option, do not hesitate to contact us.

R.D. 4/2014 of the Iberian Quality Standard, establishes that in the products of the Iberian pig that are marketed fresh, the designation of the type of food BELLOTA and handling EN LIBERTAD EN LA DEHESA is optional. It can only be indicated on the labelling if the traceability of the part or its preparation and commercial presentation makes it possible to identify the corresponding feed batch.

These lots are perfectly identified and guaranteed. So now you know, you are buying 100% Iberian Pork raised in freedom in the Dehesa, fed with acorns and with a racial purity of 100% Iberian. In short, you are acquiring the best Iberian meat on the market. A true delight 100% guaranteed and FRESH.

The slaughter of 100% Iberian acorn-fed animals can only be carried out in the Montanera season. The rest of the year if you buy acorn-fed Iberian pork it will be frozen.

The traceability is total, the shipment is made directly from the slaughterhouse of the Dehesa Grande Cooperative where the 100% Iberian pigs from the Hervalejo family's livestock are slaughtered.

All meat carries a product dispatch document in accordance with the Iberian standard certified by the authorized certifying entity Calicer.


- What is the Iberian lizard?

It is a piece that until a few years ago was not marketed in fresh. The Iberian lizard has the shape of an elongated and thin cord. It is located parallel to the spine in the space between it and the ribs.

- Iberian lizard and other cuts of fresh Iberian meat

The Iberian lizard is today one of the most demanded cuts of Iberian meat in restaurants and hotels in Spain and Europe.

In ibericomio you can get Iberian lizard direct from the slaughterhouse at an exceptional price. Contact us and we will adjust the best quote.

- How is the Iberian lizard cooked?

The Iberian lizard is especially lean and easy to cook. Only with salt and grilled is a real delight to the palate. Take advantage of the fat it releases to get it to brown well.

- Is it easy to get it?

From each Iberian pig between 200 and 350gr are obtained. For this reason, it is not easy to achieve it in quantity and with homogeneous quality. With ibericomio when buying fresh meat directly from the slaughterhouse and the producer, you can get your Iberian lizard guaranteed at the best price.


After the surprise that you will discover that a pig has its own Iberian lizard , we are going to talk about the best known Iberian cuts of meat, the Iberian feather, Iberian prey and the Iberian secret.

- Iberian fan

The menus of the most innovative restaurants are including in their menu the iberian or fan. The Iberian fan covers the ribs of the Iberian pig at the top of them. A juicy cut of Iberian meat and grateful to the pocket. Together with the Iberian lizard, it is a cheap cut of Iberian meat and therefore highly demanded in any slaughterhouse. The name Iberian fan comes from the shape of this cut, a thin trapezoid that having many veins of intermediate fat from the lean easily reminds us of a Spanish fan . Having an important vein of fat, if you cook the Iberian fan on the grill with high heat you will enjoy a real delicacy for the palate.

- The Iberian Feather

The Iberian feather is located between the shoulders or front legs of the pig. The name Iberian Feather comes from its elongated and triangular shape. It has a very correct proportion of lean and fat is increasingly common in the menus of important celebrations. Once it has been well churruscado on the outside, we suggest leaving the tender Iberian feather inside to appreciate all the flavor of the best Iberian meat.

- The Iberian Dam

The Iberian dam, also called in some regions, ball. It is one of the juiciest cuts of the Iberian pig. It is part of the spine headboard. It is common to find the cured Iberian prey that is usually called commercially as Iberian tenderloin. From each pig almost 1kg of Iberian prey is obtained.

Like all previous cuts, the Iberian dam is spectacular on the grill. Another option is to roast the whole Iberian pork in the oven. Surprise, you can also dare with a Carpaccio of Iberian prey.

- The Iberian Secret

We finish with the Iberian secret. With a flat and large shape. It is said that its name comes because it is a hidden part between the bacon and the shoulder that can only be seen if the muscle is cut horizontally. Another version about the name of the Iberian secret comes from the legend that the butchers kept it for their own consumption.

Both the Iberian feather, the Iberian secret or the Iberian prey have been and continue to be used to produce high quality Iberian sausage. As these lean pieces have their own contribution of fat, the flavor of the sausage is tastier than those sausages in which bacon and other less delicate lean pieces are added.

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