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Quesería Tierra de Barros, SL - Badajoz

Quesería Tierra de Barros, SL - Badajoz

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Since 1999, Cristina Mangas and Ernesto Méndez lead Quesería Tierra de Barros, a business project that has managed to place the town of Villafranca de los Barros in Badajoz at the epicenter of the cheese world.

Creators of the Torta de Barros elaborate this creamy cheese from raw sheep's milk in an artisanal way along with other varieties of artisanal cheeses® from Extremadura.

The commitment to quality and good work of this artisanal cheese factory has earned them the most outstanding awards. Highlighting the Supergold Cheese Awards granted to the Torta de Barros® in 2011.

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