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Productos Ibéricos Vallehermoso. Salamanca

Productos Ibéricos Vallehermoso. Salamanca

Ibéricos Vallehermoso produce Iberian hams, shoulders and sausages with the aim of satisfying customers. Its main objective is to offer its Iberian products with natural ingredients and with an unbeatable quality-price.

The artisan experience in the production of Iberian products from the breed of the Iberian pig to the food guarantees an unbeatable quality.

Ibéricos Vallehermoso is committed to animal welfare

Ibéricos Vallehermoso is committed to animal welfare, responsible with the environment offering them the necessary freedom in the pasture to grow with joy in more than 20 farms throughout Spain.

Its products come from animals fed with 100% natural products since it has its own feed factory (Alhambra, Ciudad Real) guaranteeing the quality of its food.

All products are made in certified establishments that have the necessary approvals to export to a multitude of destinations.

Iberian ham with high oleic acid index

One of the main characteristics that stand out in the products of Ibéricos Vallehermoso care and enriched with high oleic fatty acids beneficial to health. This is how they protect animal welfare and the quality of their products.

The experience and quality of the human team of Ibéricos Vallehermoso do the rest to offer the client the maximum satisfaction when tasting their Iberian products.

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