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Mio1898 S.L - 100% ibérico. Estirpe Torbiscal

Mio1898 S.L - 100% ibérico. Estirpe Torbiscal

The Muñoz family has been dedicated to the breeding of the Iberian pig in the Pedroches Valley for more than a century.

For a decade, it has been Rafa Muñoz who has led the MIO 1898 project. Rafa, veterinarian, Young Sustainable Farmer Award 2018 has opted for a lineage of the Iberian pig in danger of extinction. The Torbiscal lineage. A variety of 100% Iberian pork that is characterized by a slightly coppery tone of its skin and hairier than other strains.

Rafa fattens more than 1000 100% Iberian pigs every year on his farms in El Palomar de la Morra and El Santa María. Genetically selected pigs that graze freely in the Dehesas Cordobesas of Pozoblanco. Animals that are demanded by the best known brands in the world of Iberian for the elaboration of the leading products of the Iberian market.

All the animals and the production produced by Rafa are covered by the Los Pedroches Protected Designation of Origin, a plus of guarantee and quality of 100% Iberian ham and acorn shoulder.

The MIO brand emerges as a play on words that highlights the exclusivity of each ham that comes out of the dryers of Finojosa (Hinojosa del Duque). It is your Iberian ham, the only one, yours.

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