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Jamones ibéricos Alba Romero - Huelva

Jamones ibéricos Alba Romero - Huelva

Iberian hams Alba Romero. (Huelva)

In Alba Romero converges the tradition of more than 20 years in the elaboration of cured meats and the production of the best 100% acorn-fed Iberian hams.

It was in 1994 when Criadores de Cala de Alba Romero began their activity always following the guidelines of quality and tradition using artisanal methods to get the best flavor of Iberian ham. Breeders and artisans of the best Iberian acorn-fed ham, a great treasure of Spanish gastronomy.

Best hams in Huelva

Located in the Sierra de Huelva, within the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park, the municipality of Cala stands out, where Alba Romero hams breed in large pastures of holm oaks and cork oaks that facilitate a diet rich in acorns for Iberian pigs.

The best pieces of Alba Romero are covered by the Jabugo Denomination of Origin, which guarantees that the shoulder hams belong to purebred Iberian pigs raised in freedom in the pastures. Its elaboration is through the passage of time in its cellars with ideal temperatures. Physical exercise and bodybuilding are essential for fattening based on acorns, grasses, roots, insects, fungi, tubers among many other exquisite snacks that the pig finds in the pasture.

Manuel Romero, father and son, take care of the curing of each Iberian ham coming exclusively from the animals that they raise in more than 3000Ha of holm oaks.

Alba Romero has opted to control the Iberian pig from birth until they are slaughtered for consumption, selecting the best specimens with long and stylized legs. 100% Iberian pigs that are born and raised in the pastures, raised with acorns and running freely through the field. Alba Romero is one of the best producers that squeeze the highest quality at the best price in all their Iberian hams.

You can consult our entire catalog of acorn-fed Iberian ham at the best price and preselected so that you can get your choice 100% right.

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