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Iberian Bellota Sausage Faustino Prieto Lot Offer

Information about Iberian Bellota Sausage Faustino Prieto Lot Offer

Exclusive batch of Iberian sausages from bellota. It contains half a 50% ibérico 500g bellota loin, a 500g bellota chorizo and a 500g bellota sausage.

The Embutido Ibérico in Faustino Prieto's house is made following the family's traditional recipe. Using natural ingredients, no additives. Paprika from La Vera D.O., whole garlic, pepper, salt and lots of love.

These bellota sausages come from the pigs that make up the Prieto family's own livestock. They are animals that have been born and raised in the pastures owned by the family in Cespedosa de Tormes and the region. The pig ibérico of bellota is fed exclusively with the pastures and fruits offered by the pasture. During the montanera season, bellota enough to gain about 80kgs in just over four months.

All the bellota ibérico sausages that make up this batch are seasoned and cured at the family's facilities in Cespedosa de Tormes.

The bellota sausage and the jamón ibérico Faustino Prieto has received the following awards:

  • - Best National Sausage Ibérico 2017
  • - Best Jamón Ibérico of bellota of Castilla y León 2014
  • - Best National Jamón Ibérico bellota 2013
  • - Best National Recebo Jamón Ibérico 2013

In addition, its livestock has been recognized by AECERIBER with the 2nd NATIONAL PRIZE FOR THE MATERNAL INDEX OF GENETICS OF THE IBÉRICO 2017 AND THE BEST REGIONAL BATCH OF IBERIAN FEMALES 2017 in the VI interregional morphological contest of ibérico select pigs.

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Product Details

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Iberian Bellota Sausage Faustino Prieto Lot Offer

1.5 Kg.
Racial purity
50% Iberian
Raised in freedom in the Dehesa
Minimal Healing
4 months min
Appellation of origin
Jamón Ibérico non-PDO
Prepared in
Place of breeding
Dehesas de Cespedosa de Tormes
Delivery in
4 working days
Allergen Information
Gluten free. Lactose free. It does not contain GMO derivatives.

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Meet the producer

Jamones Faustino Prieto de Salamanca are artisan producers of hams, shoulders and sausages of first quality using traditional methods with the best specimens of Iberian pigs raised in freedom of pigs raised by them. They make their customers happy with top quality Iberian products such as Iberian hams, Iberian shoulders and Iberian sausages.

The Iberian pig is their world and they control the life of all their pigs, from birth, growth in the pasture raised in freedom feeding naturally and with feed made by themselves. One of the key factors that distinguishes us is that we ensure that the taste of hams, shoulders, sausages, sausages, morcones, etc., is always the same. For Faustino Prieto, it is essential to maintain an adequate and equal diet from the gestation process of the pigs, that is why we built our own mill to make our own 100% natural feed.


The generation of Faustino Prieto in Salamanca was a generation of dedicating a lot of time to work, with a lot of tenacity and effort. They started in village fairs and ended up at the Milan Gastronomy Fair.


Cespedosa de Tormes has special conditions that make it the most suitable enclave in the world for the ham industry. Its location, altitude, winds and climate favor both pig breeding and curing sausages.

The fields, pastures and farm are located at 1,200 meters high between Cespedosa del Tormes passing through different farms feeding freely.

From April to October they feed on grass, roots and our natural feed and from October to March, during the montanera, they do it mainly on acorns both in our farms and in other specific acorns.

All our sausage, hams and shoulders are cured in natural dryers except for hams that spend 3 or 4 months in artificial dryer. The hams go through a very delicate stage of their curing after salting and need very constant humidity and temperature conditions so that the quality of the final product is perfect.


This exclusive batch of Iberian sausages from bellota includes half a loin of 50% ibérico bellota, half a chorizo of bellota and half a sausage of bellota, all weighing 500 grams. These sausages are made by Faustino Prieto following the family's traditional recipe, with natural ingredients and no additives. They come from pigs raised in pastures and fed on acorns, and are awarded for their quality.

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María pilar M.
Todos los productos de bellota estaban buenísimos, hemos triunfado. Altamente recomendables.
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