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Don Marcos is a brand of Bellota Hams and Shoulders from 100% Iberian pigs, which is proud to produce the best Iberian hams in the region of El Valle de Los Pedroches, located in Andalusia (Spain). Its production process begins in our pastures, a unique ecosystem in the world, where 100% Iberian pigs are raised in freedom and feed mainly on acorns and pastures. This natural food provides them with a diet rich in healthy fatty acids, which translates into meat of exceptional quality.

The salting process is fundamental in the production of Don Marcos 100% Iberian acorn-fed hams. Once the Iberian pig has been slaughtered, the excess fat and skin is removed, and an incision is made in the cane area to facilitate the penetration of the salt. Then, the piece is placed in brine, where it will remain for several days, depending on its weight. After salting, the ham is washed with cold water to remove excess salt and dries and matures. In

In summary, the salting process is essential for the production of Don Marcos acorn-fed hams, since it is the first step to obtaining a product of the highest quality and exceptional flavor.

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