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Dionisio Sánchez Jamones y Embutidos

Dionisio Sánchez Jamones y Embutidos

Dionisio Sanchez began his activity in the 40s. Today it is his son Dionisio who follows the tradition in Fuentesaúco, Zamora. Following the traditional process of curing hams and with a selection of the Duroc breed has obtained its own genetics called Konduroc.

Duroc pork is characterized by its rapid growth and marbled meat. It is the only pig that is allowed to cross with the Iberian breed.

In Jamones Dionisio Sánchez, the feeding of the animals is taken care of with cereals only from Castilla y León. In addition to the careful feeding, free of transgenics and additives, a greater weight and life is allowed to the animal, thus guaranteeing a better texture and enhancing the flavor of Konduroc Ham. In Dionisio Sánchez strictly complies with the requirements to obtain the seal of Animal Welfare.

All Dionisio Sánchez sausages and hams are covered by the Tierra de Sabor guarantee mark

Following the Zamoran and Salamanca tradition of singed ham, in Dionisio Sánchez the charred duroc ham is made in an artisan way. A ham that goes through a light smoking process. Giving a special, unique and characteristic flavor to Dionisio Sánchez Chamuscado ham.

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