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Jamones ibéricos Martín-Matas

Jamones ibéricos Martín-Matas

The history of Martín Matas was born in the early twentieth century when Justo Martín and Cecilio Matas in Guijuelo and Ledrada respectively began their journey in the Iberian pig sector.

At present, in jamones ibéricos martín-matas Justo and Alberto, great-grandchildren of the founders, continue with the breeding of Iberian pigs and the artisanal production of authentic Iberian ham.


90% of the products marketed by the firm Ibéricos Martín Matas come from animals from their own livestock. Raised and fed by the Martín Matas family itself. This total control of the elaboration process guarantees not only the traceability of the product, but also the homogeneity of some hams.

100% Iberian breeding mothers are the result of careful genetic selection after many years of experience. The boars are raised in the own pastures or for rent that the family has in Extremadura and Salamanca. In towns of the Sierra de Francia such as Sotoserrano and other municipalities of Salamanca.

A differentiating feature of Martín Matas Iberian ham is the integrated production that respects animal welfare.


The morphology of each piece of Martín Matas Iberian ham is easy to distinguish. These are stylized legs in which the physical exercise of the animal provides a firm musculature.

The curing in a natural cellar is carried out in the own dryers of Ledrada and Guijuelo, localities recognized internationally for their fame as great producers of Iberian ham.

The quality and seriousness of Jamón Martín Matas is endorsed with the recognition and adhesion to the Regulatory Council of the PDO Guijuelo. Tasting an Iberian ham Guijuelo by Martín Matas is to enjoy a unique flavor. Martín Matas Iberian ham is the result of 100 years of selecting the Iberian racial purity of its own animals and the continuous improvement in the salting and drying processes of Martín Matas Iberian ham and shoulder.

All the heritage, know-how and original flavor of a PDO Guijuelo ham can be obtained with the Iberian ham of Guijuelo Martín Matas.

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