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100% Iberian Don Ibérico Bellota Ham. Salamanca

Information about 100% Iberian Don Ibérico Bellota Ham. Salamanca

The 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham Don Ibérico. The Pata Negra, the jewel of the Sánchez Fernández family. Product chosen by more than 200 international chefs with Michelin star awarded by the Institute of Taste in 2023. SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD medal with 3 stars (the maximum)

Rosa Sánchez continues to salt and cure Iberian hams just as her father and grandfather did.

Alejandro Fernández, fourth generation of producers of Iberian acorn-fed ham in Guijuelo has added his extensive knowledge of technologies to the good work of one of the families with the most traditional ham in Guijuelo.

The 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham Don Ibérico comes from pigs raised in pastures belonging to the same families of farmers who for more than a century have selected the best 100% Iberian animals for the Sánchez family and bring us today the renowned Don Ibérico Iberian ham

The genuine computer traceability system of Don Ibérico allows, instantly, to obtain all the data of the Dehesa in which the animal was raised, the fresh weight of the ham leg and all the details that guarantee the enormous quality of a unique 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham.

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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET 100% Iberian Don Ibérico Bellota Ham. Salamanca

Color Seal R.D 4/2014
Racial purity
100% Iberian
Raised in freedom in the Dehesa
Minimal Healing
40 months min.
Appellation of origin
Jamón Ibérico non-PDO
Prepared in
Place of breeding
The best pastures on the peninsula
Delivery in
2/3 days
Allergen Information
Gluten free
Iberian acorn-fed pork ham, Salt, sugar, preservative (E-252), antioxidant (E-301) and acidity regulator (E-331ii)

Product Sheet Notice

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Meet the producer

The DON IBÉRICO brand is the result of good work for four generations with the innovations that the latest technologies provide to guarantee the best quality of authentic Don Ibérico Ham.

In Don Ibérico they join:

1. Tradition in Iberian ham.

A family that has not changed one iota the way of understanding and making Iberian ham.

2. Passion in the art of making Iberian products.

The people who make up the Don Ibérico team put their soul into each piece during every moment that the ham or sausage passes through in their facilities in Guijuelo.

3. Craftsmanship.

Sausages with a touch of smoke, stacked on the ground at a maximum of two heights. Opening and closing of windows controlled daily. Everything to guarantee a homogeneous and unique flavor.

4. 100% Iberian acorn-fed quality.

The application of the most modern technologies to guarantee a unique control in the sector of the final product.


100% Iberian acorn-fed ham Don Ibérico from the Sánchez Fernández family. Chosen by international chefs and awarded the Superior Taste Award in 2023. Made in the traditional way in Guijuelo. It comes from pigs raised in pastures by farmers with a long tradition. It offers traceability and high quality.

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Rafael S.
Lo que había pedido, buen producto y buen precio
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