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Batch of Iberian sausages, Sierra de Monfragüe, Extremadura

Information about Batch of Iberian sausages, Sierra de Monfragüe, Extremadura

The Iberian sausages of Sierra de Monfragüe are free of gluten and lactose something exceptional in the world of Iberian. 100% natural product made with traditional recipes from the north of Extremadura, lean and paprika from La Vera. The whole artisanal process as in the ancestral slaughters

What does this batch of Iberian sausages from Extremadura include?

  • 1/2 Iberian chorizo (500gr approx.)
  • 1/2 Iberian sausage (500gr approx.)
  • 1/2 Iberian loin (500gr approx.)
(The price does not include the possible decoration)
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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Batch of Iberian sausages, Sierra de Monfragüe, Extremadura

Approx. 1.5kg
Racial purity
75-50% Iberian
Herbs and fruits of the Mediterranean forest supplemented with natural feed
Raised in freedom in the Dehesa
Minimal Healing
4 months min
Appellation of origin
Jamón Ibérico non-PDO
Prepared in
Place of breeding
Monfragüe N.P. - Extremadura
Delivery in
3 working days
Allergen Information
Gluten-free, lactose-free and dairy-free

Product Sheet Notice

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Meet the producer

Iberian products from Extremadura. Hams and Sausages - Sierra de Monfragüe - Extremadura

Artisanal producers located in Malpartida de Plasencia (Cáceres), very close to the Monfragüe National Park, a small town dotted with olive and holm oaks.

They put all the effort in the manufacture of handmade products, which are reliable, at competitive prices and adding a current touch, in terms of marketing and formats, to facilitate their consumption.


The Iberian sausages of Sierra de Monfragüe are natural and free of gluten and lactose, made with traditional recipes. The pack includes 1/2 ibérico Chorizo (approx. 500 g), 1/2 ibérico Salchichón (approx. 500 g) and 1/2 ibérico Loin (approx. 500 g).

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Juan Reguera
Lo compré para llevarlo a casa de los suegros y un éxito.
¡Gracias Ibericomio por los consejos!
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