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Bellota loin 75% Iberian Cardene - Extremadura

Information about Bellota loin 75% Iberian Cardene - Extremadura

Buying Lomo Ibérico de Bellota direct from an artisanal manufacturer is now possible thanks to Cárdeno, SL. It is made with meat from pigs fed on acorns and pastures from the pasture. This guarantees optimal taste and aroma values.

Jamón Cárdeno SL is a company that handcrafts in a natural cave in Fuentes de León, Badajoz its 75% Iberian acorn loin Cárdeno and its renowned Iberian ham acorn Cárdeno

The approximate weight of this piece of acorn loin is 1kg. As can be seen in the image, cured in natural casing and additivated with salt, paprika from the vera and resting time in the natural dryer.

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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Bellota loin 75% Iberian Cardene - Extremadura

Approx. 1kg
Racial purity
75% Iberian
Appellation of origin
Jamón Ibérico non-PDO
Prepared in
Place of breeding
Fuentes de León - Extremadura
Delivery in
3 working days
Allergen Information
May contain traces of gluten, lactose and milk derivatives
Iberian pork loin, salt, paprika de la vera, GLUTEN FREE, fresh garlic, sugars (lactose, dextrose, sugar), dextrin, E-450, E-300, E-250, E-330.

Product Sheet Notice

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Meet the producer

Iberian pigs 100% in Jamones Cárdeno

The producer Jamón Cárdeno de Fuentes de León, Extremadura, produces some of the best 100% acorn-fed Iberian hams with special characteristics: stylized pieces with a thin and thin leg that is characterized by the 100% Iberian pig. Fluid and slightly oxidized covering fat, as a result of feeding pigs based on acorns. The curing of Cardene hams is carried out in centennial wineries with a minimum period of 3 years, so the sweet and delicate taste fruit of the right salting and slow maturation. The humidity conditions and the microclimate of the area.

Artisanal elaboration of Cárdeno hams

The elaboration is 100% handmade is due to the experience of generations and with intuition and sensitivity in the handling of our products. We must necessarily highlight the purely ecological condition of our 100% IBÉRICO CÁRDENO ACORN HAM, both for its elaboration without more additives than sea salt; as for the origin of it, because it comes from an animal raised in the middle of nature, fed with the fruit of the oaks of a natural space specially equipped for the Iberian pig and its unbeatable products.

You can consult our entire catalog of acorn-fed Iberian ham at the best price and preselected so that you can get your choice 100% right.


Cárdeno, SL offers Ibérico bellota loin of artisanal manufacture, with meat from pigs fed in the pasture. The company, located in Fuentes de León, Badajoz, is known for its renowned bellota jamón ibérico. The loin weighs about 1 kg, is cured in natural casing with salt and paprika, and rests in a natural drying room.

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Julio G
Lo mismo puedo decir del Lomo, grandes productos estos de Cardeno, que sigan muchos años elaborando así, les auguro un gran futuro, me tendrán como clientes, ahora eso si para estos productos hay que tener buenos caldos, para que todo vaya acompasado, y lo que puedo decir que me ha gustado mucho mas que los lomos que compre de Joselito
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