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Salazonera Ibérica de Jamones

Salazonera Ibérica de Jamones

Iberian Salting of Hams synonymous with tradition

In the world of ham there are firms recognized for their respect for the tradition of good work, Ibérica de Jamones is one of them. More than 50 years ago, ...., father of Alejandro Rodríguez, began to cure Iberian ham in his hometown as it was done then. In the folds of the houses, salting in September and curing naturally by opening and closing windows depending on the direction of the wind.

In 1978 he decided to expand his production and found the opportunity in Salamanca capital, where he built what was once the most modern Iberian ham factory in Castilla y León. In these facilities, Salazonera Ibérica de Jamones has maintained since then the traditional process of curing Iberian ham and shoulder, Iberian loin and rest of Iberian sausage.

Specialized Iberian Salting of Hams

In its facilities only 50% Iberian bait product is cured. The Iberian bait ham of this firm comes exclusively from livestock farms in Salamanca. Although it is of the category of bait, white flange, special attention is paid to the quality of the feed and animal welfare. The Iberian pig is raised in farms that have a walking yard for the animal which reduces its stress, straw bed on which the animal rests.

The curing of Iberian ham in Ibérica de Jamones

In the healing process the salting phase is critical. Salazonera Ibérica de Jamones, pays special attention to this phase that is being affected by climate change. In our facilities it is still done in a traditional way, hence the importance of climate.

Before, salting was done on almost immovable dates. In recent years it has been reviewed every year to prevent the pieces from suffering high temperatures.

After salting, the post-salting period is critical. It allows to settle the salt that is the only cause of the curing of the product. A short or excessive post-salting period can ruin the quality of a great Iberian bait ham.

With the finished post-salting, the 100% natural curing phase begins. Taking advantage of the weather of Salamanca. A task that Alejandro and Candelas do every day, opening and closing windows on a daily basis depending on whether the wind is from the east, west or north.

This is how Alejandro Rodríguez knows each bait ham or Iberian shoulder of bait individually, knows its ID, its morphology and all its history with the same reliability as the traceability provided by the certifying entity of the Iberian quality standard.

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