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Ham Green label Tartessos. Major Summits - Huelva

Information about Ham Green label Tartessos. Major Summits - Huelva

Tartesos Ham Green label with a weight close to 6kgs can never be called Iberian Ham even if it has grazed freely among holm oaks. The Iberian rule prevents the classification of Iberian ham to field bait ham that at the exit of the dryer does not reach 7kg as in this case.

It is a ham that comes from animals raised extensively on family farms in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche in Huelva.

Tartessos Green Label Ham made in Cumbres Mayores Huelva, one of the centers par excellence of Iberian ham.

The Castaño family has been dedicated since 1890 to the careful elaboration of its renowned Iberian acorn-fed ham.

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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Ham Green label Tartessos. Major Summits - Huelva

Color Seal R.D 4/2014
Not covered by the standard R.D. 4/2014 Iberian standard
Not Applicable
Racial purity
Not applicable
Herbs and fruits of the Mediterranean forest supplemented with natural feed
Raised in freedom in the countryside and hills of Santa Olalla del Cala (Huelva)
Minimal Healing
18 months min
Appellation of origin
Jamón Ibérico non-PDO
Prepared in
Major Summits - Huelva
Place of breeding
Cumbres Mayores, Cortegana - Huelva
Delivery in
4 working days
Allergen Information
Gluten free

Product Sheet Notice

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Meet the producer

Tartessos Iberian hams. Centuries-old tradition with presence all over the world through Iberian products of excellent quality.

In the Sierra de Huelva, in Cumbres Mayores, in one of the highest villages in the province there is an excellent microclimate for the breeding of the best Iberian acorn-fed ham.

Tartessos is a company founded in 1890 with the illusion of developing and breeding high quality Iberian hams and with the intention of being recognized throughout the Spanish state.

The experience of the family and nature where the Iberian hams are dried and aged give an incredible quality giving an exceptional flavor. The curing of their hams goes from three to four long years.

Tartessos produces Iberian ham from Jabugo under the Jabugo Designation of Origin. You can see a selection of all our products under the DO Jabugo.

It will not be strange to find us in the best restaurants Tartessos Iberian hams in Huelva. Many renowned restaurants include it in their menus.


This ham, despite not complying with the specific regulations to be called "Jamón Ibérico", is of high quality and comes from animals raised in freedom in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, in Huelva. It has been made by the Castaño family, experts in the production of jamón ibérico since 1890.

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Gema B.
Excelente calidad y precio. Muy contentos.
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