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100% Iberian Bellota Ham PDO Jabugo Summun sliced

Information about 100% Iberian Bellota Ham PDO Jabugo Summun sliced

100% Iberian Bellota Ham DO Jabugo Summum sliced with knife by the Champion of Spain of ham cutters. All the flavor of Jabugo Ham together with the mastery of the best Iberian ham cutter in Spain. A unique opportunity to taste an Acorn of Jabugo at the best price.

All Olalla slices are cut by Florentino Mateos Spanish Cutters Champion

The Box 100% Iberian Acorn-fed Ham PDO Jabugo Calidad Súmmum comes from privileged pigs, raised and fed outdoors in our fantastic natural pastures of Andalusia. This outdoor life and a careful diet give rise to pieces of the highest quality, which we then slice by hand. Following our history and family tradition, at the time of slaughter we elaborate a palette of acorn of the highest quality. Cured in our dryers in Santa Olalla del Cala for 36 months.

(The price does not include the possible decoration)
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Product Details

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET 100% Iberian Bellota Ham PDO Jabugo Summun sliced

1 Kg
Vacuum-packed sachets of 100 gr
Type of slicing
Sliced knife/hand
Color Seal R.D 4/2014
Racial purity
100% Iberian
Acorns, herbs and wild plants.
Raised in freedom in the countryside and hills of Santa Olalla del Cala (Huelva)
Minimal Healing
36 months min
Appellation of origin
D.O.P. Jabugo - Huelva
Prepared in
Santa Olalla del Cala - Huelva
Place of breeding
Major Summits - Huelva
Delivery in
3 working days
Allergen Information
May contain traces of gluten, lactose and milk derivatives

Product Sheet Notice

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Meet the producer

Olalla Jamones Ibéricos in Santa Olalla del Cala (Huelva)

In the municipality of Santa Olalla del Cala located near Sierra Morena, Sierra de Aracena and bordering Andalusia with Extremadura, Olalla Jamones Ibéricos produces and markets Iberian products raised in its pastures of holm oaks, cork oaks and gall oaks, being a natural environment for the Iberian pig to grow freely.

Unique geographical situation, located in the Natural Park of Aracena and Picos de Aroche where the air quality is exceptional that helps to optimize the "bouquet" and refine the taste of its Iberian products.

Company with more than 25 years of experience dedicated to the breeding and manufacture of Iberian ham of the highest quality.

In Olalla Jamones it is controlled to the smallest detail so that its products have a unique quality, following artisanal manufacturing methods with traditional recipes.

The Iberian ham of Olalla Jamones

Olalla has products under the Jabugo Designation of Origin. You can see a selection of all our products under the DO Jabugo. Jabugo Ham received its long-awaited Protected Designation of Origin through Regulation No. 1151/2012 of the European Parliament.

The Iberian pigs raised in freedom in pastures of Jamones Olalla part of the best raw material: Iberian pigs and excellent pastures that together with the curing of the ham make their Iberian ham a cured gourmet product of a very accentuated flavor and appreciated for its aftertaste on the palate. The elaboration of its Iberian ham by its ham masters respects the natural processes and the environment to achieve a product of excellent quality.

Jamones Olalla aims to consolidate a project that goes hand in hand with the sustainability of the territory and the survival of the natural pastures.


The box contains, sliced by hand by the Spanish Champion of cutters, the 100% Ibérico Ham from bellota DO Jabugo Summum, with all the flavor of Jabugo and the mastery of the best jamón ibérico cutter in Spain. It comes from pigs raised outdoors in pastures in Andalusia, and after 36 months of curing in Santa Olalla del Cala, a paleta of bellota of the highest quality is obtained. A unique opportunity to enjoy the best bellota in Jabugo.

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Jose O.
Compre jamón sumum Olalla pack de 1 kg y excelente
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