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Morcón and Iberian chorizo

Morcón and Iberian chorizo online

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In a previous article we talked about sausages. We briefly explained the difference between sausages and cold cuts. This time we tell you about two highly valued and appreciated products in the gastronomic culture of the Iberian Peninsula: Morcón and Iberian chorizo. Similar but not the same.

Differences between Morcón and Chorizo Ibérico

The main difference between Iberian morcón and chorizo is in the casing in which the mixture is stuffed. Morcón always uses the pig’s “ciego”, which is the pig’s stomach for stuffing, while chorizo uses the large intestine (chorizo cular) or small intestine (chorizo vela).

Iberian morcón

In addition, for morcón, the lean meat is usually minced less so that the meat that forms the sausage can be seen much better when it is cut. For this reason, in the more “industrial” sausages or the more “generalist” brands, you will not see much morcón. In this piece, the bacon and added fats are much more difficult to disguise than in a very fine mince.

Some producers use very noble pieces of meat, such as sirloin, feather, prey to give better visual presence to the piece and therefore quality to their morcón.

This Ibericomio product clearly reflects what we have told you about Iberian morcón

Iberian chorizo

In the case of Iberian chorizo, we can find everything. Meats from different parts of the country are used and not all of them have the same price.

Morcillas Patateras Ibéricas and other Iberian black puddings.

The Iberian potato black pudding is usually made with Iberian pork jowl, potato and paprika, if possible Pimentón de la Vera DOP, garlic and salt.

The morcilla patatera is a very typical sausage from Extremadura. There is also a variety of Morcilla Calabacera in which the potato is replaced by pumpkin. Both are a delicacy worth tasting. It is the jowl that gives the morcilla patatera its chewy appearance.

The Iberian blood sausage is made, as its name indicates, with blood. Mix the blood with the Iberian jowl. In this case its ingredients would be dewlap, some lean meat, paprika, blood, garlic and salt.