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Fifth Range Dishes


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Welcome to the last gastronomic experience of the crazy of the Iberian:

Fifth Range Dishes

Fifth range foods are those dishes made in a traditional way and exclusively with natural ingredients that are subsequently subjected to a heat treatment and lightly pasteurized to finally be packaged in modified atmosphere that allows their conservation for a long period of time keeping all the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the dish.

Is a 5th range food the same as a precooked one?

The answer is blunt; NO. Precooked dishes are prepared foods to which some type of preservative is added to extend their shelf life. In some cases, precooked dishes also carry flavor enhancers or dyes. A fifth-range elaborate will never carry these ingredients. The V range is a guarantee as a means of preserving the most elaborate and demanding dishes. The fifth range dishes are designed to enjoy them to the fullest only with a last cooking and plating.

Iberian dishes from V Gama

To inaugurate the new category of 5th range we are fortunate to have two luxury partners; Jamones y Embutidos Melquiades Rodríguez, the most important Iberian meat processor in Zamora and El Ermitaño Restaurant, recognized with one Michelin star and two Repsol suns.

Restaurant El Ermitaño de Benavente - Zamora has more than 30 years of history preparing the traditional dishes of Zamora in the traditional way and with the best ingredients. The brothers Pedro Mario and Óscar Manuel Pérez have continued with the family tradition to which they have added important novelties in food technology that today allow us to bring you some of their most recognized dishes such as the IGP Lechazo de Castilla y León.

The choice of raw materials is key to the success of El Ermitaño, its Michelin star and the two Repsol suns. Melquiades Rodríguez supplies Iberian meats to El Ermitaño in Benavente. The quality of its meats together with the creativity of El Ermitaño allow us to present this small selection of Iberian dishes of V range.

An Iberian madness with a Michelin star flavor.

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